Lair Dwellers

Name: Brian Lee
Podcast: Lair Dwellers – Website:

What is your show about?

Lair Dwellers is a show about gamers and geeks from the perspective of 3 geek dads who don’t play as much as they used to. Every week we talk about classic role playing, pen and paper and electronic games without getting too “grumpy old men”.

Are you a full time podcaster?

No, we’re all computer professionals. Our interests are pretty much in the introverted, nerd spectrum: books, movies, comics, video games, board games, music.

What is your mic rig and recording software?

NADY SP-4C Dynamic Microphone – it was cheap (under $20) and available. We record the podcast using Audacity

Name 5 other podcasts you listen to: Smodcast

  • Smodcast
  • Twit
  • GeeksOn
  • Nerdist
  • ThisAmericanLife

What keeps you going?

I was leaving for a long vacation so we were recording two weeks shows back to back. We started drinking a locally brewed beer and by the end of the second episode we were pretty sloshed. We learned not to drink so much for the sake of the podcast. After listening to the recording sober, it wasn’t quite so funny.

I would guess the “too drunk to podcast” story is pretty common.

Is there one person you would like to interview someday?

Vin Diesel, he’s a movie star who admits to playing pen and paper role playing games.

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