Using a Metronome to Pace Your Speaking in Your Podcast

A Metronome to Help with Pacing

A Metronome to Help with Pacing

If you feel you talk too fast when you are podcasting, here is a great way to slow your speaking down.

Get a metronome – one that either has a headphone jack or can pulse a LED light. There are even iPhone and Android Metronome apps out there you can install and use.

A normal talking pace is 110-115 words a minute. However, some speakers tend to rush, so instead think about 120-130 wpm. That is not beats per minute, which the metronome will be pulsing at. Nonetheless, if you start at 110 bpm on the metronome, then let it run while you talk – keeping the light in your peripheral vision – it will help you keep pace and slow down your talking.

Adjust as needed. Ask people “Hows the pacing”. If they say too fast or slow, you can adjust the bpm for it.

Another item to help with pacing is a clock that also counts seconds.

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