Monoprice 8-Channel Mixer



Over on Geekazine I talked about the Monoprice 615808 mixing console. This is a sub – $100 8-channel mixer that is small enough to be portable and good for any home podcaster. The mixer has an auxilary output that will turn channel 5/6 or 7/8 into an effects channel.

The Monoprice 615808 mixer also has phantom power to +48 for any microphone that needs it. I used my MXL FR-351 microphone to capture some room recordings to it. With a compressor/gate, you can get some really good results.

I also talked about the USB port in the mixer – it’s only meant for playback. This mixer is an analog recording device and does not do multi-track recording. If that doesn’t concern you then this mixer is perfect for a small desk podcast.

Check out the full review of the Monoprice 615808 Mixer

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