Use Multiple USB Microphones to Record [How to]

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  • I gave Sonar X1 LE a spin when I bought a Samson mic last month and it was able to record from multiple USB mic inputs. It has been the only piece of software I have found that does this on windows.

    • XenocideX

      Can you tell us how you did so? Very interested!

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  • skrybot

    I have prepared simple app for recording of multi usb microphones ass addition to a skrybot, called SkryBot multi usb microphones recorder.
    Check this out , there is description how to buy:

  • mel

    I have a Mac and I am using 2 of the same usb microphones that have the same name (Snowball Ice). I am running into the issue of the audio midi setup only showing one mic. Help?

    • Adam Bruhn

      The Snowball Ice comes with a disclaimer saying that you can’t use two at the same time, without sending one back to Blue to be re-programmed. Basically they all come with the same “digital ID,” and the computer can’t tell them apart. We started our podcast with two of those mics, then had to return one. I grabbed an Audio Technica mic that sounds great and works perfectly alongside my buddy’s Snowball.