MXL 550 / 551R Combo for Vocals, Overhead Vocals and more

If you want to make a quick upgrade to your podcast rig and don’t have that much money; consider the MXL 550/551R series microphone. I have used the combo mics before in the 990/991 series and they do a great job getting a voice across.

MXL 550-551

MXL 550-551

About the MXL 550/551 series microphone

The 550/551 series are cardioid polar microphones that record a range from 30Hz to 20 kHz. Both are pressure gradient condenser microphones – which will give a good bass boost if only a few centimeters away from the sound source. The 551 can work as an overhead microphone for those studio recording shots. It can also be used to record a wide range of instruments such as guitars, drums, pianos and more.

The 550/55a1R combo also comes in a red over chrome color which could spring up any video recording you do (and giving it a conversation piece in a literal and figurative meaning). This microphone duo can also come in another color like blue or purple if you desire.

MXL 550-551

Needs Phantom Power

This microphone is going to need a phantom power source to run. Adding it to a mixing board with compressor and gate can give you a great broadcast microphone without having to pick up the whole room.

What you Get for the sub-$100 price

If you are a top-level recording pro, these microphones probably will not meet your needs. If you are recording audio that is going to be at 64 or 128 kbps mp3 files, this microphone will add to your sound.

MXL 550-551 blue

Overall of the MXL 550/551R

Expect it to record vocals and get a better range than any live vocal microphone (ex: Sure SM58 microphone). In the right room the 550/551 can get more than just a single vocal – you could capture a small music duo or mic up the amp and the vocals for any music podcast.


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