MXL 770 with Shock Mount Brings Cheap Solution to Podcasts

MXL 770

MXL 770 with Shock Mount

Looking to increase your audio podcast? You bought a mixer, you bought a compressor. Now it’s time for the microphone. That radio shack special is not cutting it anymore. That is where the MXL line of microphones comes in.

MXL 770 is a great Cardioid microphone that you can use to record podcasts and get a great sound out of it. Cardioid microphones are great for speech, and have a uni-directional pattern. This means if you were on the back side of the microphone, your voice would not pick up as well. Think of an apple being put in front of your microphone, stem to the mic. Your voice needs to be within that apple’s area.

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The MXL line of microphones is a less expensive line. This microphone costs $72 – complete with a shock mount, which you can put on any standard microphone stand.


MXL770 Microphone

Other accessories that you can add to the 770 include a metal mesh pop filter, which can filter out the pops when you say “p” and the hiss when you say “s”. For under $100, this microphone can increase your productivity in podcasting, and make you look a little more professional when going on a show or participating in a Google Hangout.

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