MXL’s Mobile Media to Bring Podcasters Awesome Microphones

I got a chance to talk with Perry Goldstein of MXL Microphones and their newest direction — mobile media. They wanted to put out a line of microphones for podcasters and videographers that will connect to any mobile device and give you high-quality sound.

MXL 770

MXL 770 with Shock Mount

Analog vs. Digital connector

Perry noted they couldn’t focus on digital connectors, due to the fact each device is different. They wanted to have a microphone that will connect and work every time. Therefore, they chose to use the 3.5 mm (1/8″) 3-pole headphone jack to connect the microphones up. Along with audio capture apps, this is the best way to get a full recording. Further, with the adaptor, you can plug in some headphones and listen to what you are recording.

MXL Mobile Media with MM-FR310

MXL Mobile Media with MM-FR310

Types of MXL Microphones

If you head to the website (, you can see its more than a handheld mic. The MM-VE001 and MM-CM001 are cowboy mounts where you can attach a mobile device, microphone and another attachment (such as a light). Attach the MXL FR-310 shotgun mic, and you’ve improved your sound in live situations. All for under $300.

It’s part of the Videographer’s Essentials Kit

Who Can Use Mobile Media?

While the above picture shows you using to record audio and video, this can be used for audio podcasting just as easily. With a recording app, you can get audio to pull clips or to highlight a keynote.

If you are a budding YouTube podcaster, you can use this as an auxiliary audio feed — especially if you record using a DSLR camera. You can then sync the audio with video into your editor and weave in audio when you need it.

Interview with Perry Goldstein, MXL

This was a great conversation with myself, Perry, and Daniel J. Lewis. We learned a lot of the direction of MXL microphones. I have a few MXL mics myself and use them all the time.

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