Niche Podcasting – Dealing with Competition [Roundtable]

Ray Ortega hosted another Podcaster Roundtable last night talking about niche podcasting. More to the point – how do you deal with other podcasters in your niche.

Do you share with others podcasters in your niche? Do you invite those people on as guests?

Ray Ortega has a list of fellow podcasters including Daniel J Lewis, Corey Fineran, Nick Seuberling and David Jackson.

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The full roundtable is here:


From the Podcasters Community: Do you listen to your competition?


Don BurnsideYesterday 10:15 AM

I listen for both. Always nice to see what the competition is doing, what kind of audio quality they have or what topics they are covering.

Daniel J. LewisYesterday 11:01 AM (edited)

I read and listen to others in my niche. I struggled with a competitive attitude for a while, but then learned to listen for things I can use and credit, refer to (so my episodes are more informative), or build on (to continue the conversation).More recently, I’ve learned to work together with my “competition,” realizing that we’re mostly working toward the same goals. Collaboration and teamwork always accomplishes more than individualism and rivalry.Even when there’s technically competition (people may have limited listening time, may want to hire a consultant, etc.), it’s not rivalry where we want to “beat” the other guy.

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Ray OrtegaYesterday 10:21 AM

Interesting choice of words +Don Burnside 😉 We’ll be talking all about the concept of competition. Hope you can join us if not there will be an archive available for viewing at

Daniel J. LewisYesterday 10:22 AM

Anyone else being a little stalkerish and watching your “competition’s” iTunes reviews, or am I the only one who does that? 😛

Don BurnsideYesterday 10:23 AM

<– Guilty

Daniel J. LewisYesterday 10:25 AM

Whew! Then I’m not the only one. +Don Burnside, are you using CommentCast?

(If not, ready to blow up your world by checking out the $5 app from

John BukenasYesterday 10:25 AM

I think if your content is entertaining and informative, in that order, you do not need to “Protect the Food Bowl” of listeners. They will come eat at everyone’s bowl.

I’ll use myself as an example.  In August I wanted to know what would be involved in producing a podcast.  So I did what most people do, I Googled “Learn how to podcast.”  +Cliff Ravenscraft‘s  “Learn how to Podcast 101” site popped up.  I listened to Cliff”s Podcast Answerman Podcast and took his Podcasting A to Z course. I didn’t even know other podcasts about podcasting existed.  Cliff said in his podcast, don’t be afraid of competition, embrace and befriend your competition. “Don’t just listen to me, Listen to other podcasts about podcasting.”  So I went to iTunes and searched Podcasts on Podcasting.  Then I found +Ray Ortega  +Daniel J. Lewis  +David Jackson Podcasts.  I subscribed, and I listen to all four of you now and enjoy each podcast.

I’ve listened to others and they didn’t capture my interest.

So like you guy’s say. “Content is Key” if you are not entertaining it won’t matter.

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Jeffrey PowersYesterday 10:26 AMEdit

I dont feel stalkerish. For my +Day in Tech History podcast, dates get disputed. I end up taking time to dig and make sure I have the correct information.

Don BurnsideYesterday 10:32 AM

+Daniel J. Lewis I’m not, but I have followed the link to check it our for later.Looks pretty awesome!

Daniel HayesYesterday 10:44 AM

Like +John Bukenas I listen to every show about podcasting I can get my hands (er, ears?) on! I think since everyone has different experiences to share it would be difficult to have a redundancy problem, IMO.

Ray OrtegaYesterday 10:52 AM

+Daniel J. Lewis Loving the honesty here! Daniel is going to be a great resource here. We’ll definitely be sharing stuff from this thread as well as the comments during the live recording.

Leo SaumureYesterday 11:06 AM

I don’t actively listen with the purpose of getting ideas, or checking in on the competition, but I’ve found that I can often come away with ideas I can further explore on my own, regardless of who’s podcast I listen to; competition or not.  That is the great thing about serendipity.

Marian Pierre-LouisYesterday 11:10 AM (edited)

As a “listener” of all the podcasters in a certain niche (ie podcasting – Daniel, Ray, Cliff, Dave) I can tell you that I listen to all of you. Perhaps you’ll be happy to know that you are all quite distinctive whether it’s your personality, content focus or overall sound (intros, intros etc). There are aspects that I like and dislike (ie such as a difference in taste of music) about each one but you all have something great to bring to the table. I haven’t cut anyone from my playlist yet. 🙂

Alan PopeYesterday 1:37 PM
As a ‘niche podcaster’ (if Ubuntu is considered niche these days) yeah, I listen to some of the “competition” but there really isn’t a lot of it, so I tend to get more inspiration from BBC Radio 4 programmes.

Ray OrtegaYesterday 1:48 PM

+Marian Pierre-Louis Thanks Marian. I suspect my hard rock intro is a little disarming for some but it’s better fitted for my personality and I always like to have a little fun. Little places like that are a good chance to express and individualize yourself a little. Which of course is one of the best parts of podcasting. And thanks for the great feedback from a listener perspective. It’s really nice to hear how we are different despite covering like topics.

Chris MillerYesterday 2:21 PM

I listen in to make sure there is something I have not missed

Dan McDermottYesterday 6:27 PM


I don’t anymore because I want to make sure I am not influenced by their views. Like a newspaper article. I wouldn’t want to read the other paper’s version before writing my own. Also, the more content you create the less time you have to consume others’.

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