Podcast 101: Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes [How to]

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  • I just migrated from squarespace 5 to 6 for my blog that hosts my podcast feeds. In so doing, even though the blog podcast has the same url, I had to resubmit them to iTunes in order to have them work – and they have been approved. The catch is that my old invalid feeds are still listed in iTunes as well. Any idea how to remove those invalid feeds from iTunes directory so people looking for my Talking About Glaucoma aac or mp3 feeds will only see the valid ones and not the defunct ones? Is the only way to do this, to
    “report a concern” in the iTunes store?

    • great question! You are correct – Report a concern in your podcast and choose the “Remove a Podcast” from the reason menu. Explain why.

      • And that worked great! Within about 24hrs the invalid feeds were removed from iTunes and I received an email confirmation.

        • Good to hear. I am writing up a post on this.