Podcast 101: Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes [How to]

If you are brand new to podcasting, you know one thing – your show has to be on iTunes. It’s not difficult, you just have to know how to do it. I’ll show you how.

Check Your Feeds First

Before you submit your podcast to iTunes, you want to make sure your feed is valid. Otherwise, Apple will reject it. W3c can validate your feed. If your feed is not valid, it will let you know so you can make the proper fixes.

Your feed can be valid and still have some issues to it. It’s just a question of what the issue is. For instance, I have a extra piece of code that W3C doesn’t accept, but it’s a valid RSS addition. 3rd party additions (like with plugins for WordPress sites) can do this. Once again, the feed may be totally valid.

Dedicated Podcast RSS Feed – Don’t post other items to it.

This is important. If your website is to have other types of posts, then you want to set up a separate RSS feed for your podcast. If Apple sees too many “non podcast” posts in your feed, they might take it down (yes, I have had iTunes removal emails).

This is the same for other Podcatchers out there.

If you want a plugin that will create a podcast feed for you (and do an awesome job in putting in all iTunes code), check out PowerPress,

Also, make sure all email is correct in the settings. This is where you get confirmation and iTunes link to promote.

Submit your Podcast to iTunes

To submit to iTunes, you first need to download the iTunes player and register an account. There is no other way to do that. Once that is done, you can start the process.

  1. Go to the iTunes store. On the menu bar, choose “Podcasts”

    iTunes Store

    From the iTunes store, choose “Podcasts”

  2. From the Podcasts Window, on the right, choose option to “Submit A Podcast”

    iTunes Submit

    In the Podcasts window of iTunes, choose “Submit a Podcast”

  3. From this page, enter in the RSS feed to your podcast.

    iTunes submit

    Enter in RSS feed at iTunes Submit Podcast window

  4. If the feed is invalid, you might have to re-enter.
  5. You will receive email that a podcast is successfully submitted and under review.
  6. When it’s accepted, you will receive another email. In this email, you will see your iTunes link. Something you might want to make note of to promote.

Here’s a Tip: Why not set up a schedule to promote your iTunes feed. Post the link to Twitter and Facebook from time-to-time.

Check Your iTunes Feed from Time to Time

Nothing is stopping you from subscribing to your own feed. You should do that so you can keep track if your feed is updating in iTunes. You can also visit it via webpage. Here are my podcasts:

Wait, I Can Have More Than One Feed?

If it’s different shows or different variants, then yes! For example, Geek Smack! runs in audio and video formats. I have a feed for video and a feed for audio. You just have to submit each feed separately.

Don’t submit the same podcast on different feeds. That can confuse people looking for your show. Not to mention Apple might take down both feeds.

With some work, you can get your feed automating and downloading into people’s iTunes directories. They might even give you some feedback on the iTunes page. That could increase your listeners/viewers even more…

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  • I just migrated from squarespace 5 to 6 for my blog that hosts my podcast feeds. In so doing, even though the blog podcast has the same url, I had to resubmit them to iTunes in order to have them work – and they have been approved. The catch is that my old invalid feeds are still listed in iTunes as well. Any idea how to remove those invalid feeds from iTunes directory so people looking for my Talking About Glaucoma aac or mp3 feeds will only see the valid ones and not the defunct ones? Is the only way to do this, to
    “report a concern” in the iTunes store?

    • great question! You are correct – Report a concern in your podcast and choose the “Remove a Podcast” from the reason menu. Explain why.

      • And that worked great! Within about 24hrs the invalid feeds were removed from iTunes and I received an email confirmation.

        • Good to hear. I am writing up a post on this.