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So you’ve been podcasting a while and feel lost with your show. You need help. You are not sure where to go. What do you do?

There are a host of podcasters that will give you advise on a quick-lesson or consultation basis. They can do anything from help you with a small problem to set up your whole podcast rig!

Finding the right person to help you start or work on your podcast is imperative. Sometimes you need help with a technical issue. Other times you just need inspiration. These people will bring just that.

Some are Podcast Coaches. Others are influential and informative. No matter what, you will walk away with something from each of these people.


I would behoove myself to not include my contact information: Jeffrey Powers – I write all these articles and also run the Podcasters Community on Google+@Geekazine is my main twitter handle and you can always contact me with questions.


Ray Ortega (rayortega.com)

– The Podcasters Studio. Ray has been running the Podcasters’ Roundtable on Google Hangouts. Ray also uses DSLR cameras, so you can learn not just about podcasting, but also learning how you can add great content to your website.


Evo Terra (Evoterra.com)

– Evo is one of the writers to “Podcasting for Dummies“. Evo is also a book author and speaker. His current podcast – Books and Beer – helps people writing books. Evo created Podiobooks, which helps authors podcast.


Todd Cochrane (geeknewscentral.com)

– Todd has the honor of putting out the first podcast book in the space called Podcasting: Do-It-Yourself Guide (ExtremeTech)Todd started RawVoice, Blubrry network, Techpodcasts network and every year runs the Podcast Awards. He runs the New Media Show with Rob Greenlee (see below), which brings on some great media minds to talk about this space. He’s also a big fan of Ingress…


Rob Greenlee (robgreenlee.com)

– the other half of the New Media Show, Rob was the evangelist and man behind Microsoft Zune. If you had a problem with your feed, you would send him an email and he would fix it. Rob has a lot of great information at his hands and his show (My Digital Life) can be very informative.


Rob Walch (Podcast411.com)

– Rob is the main voice for podcasters behind Wizzard and Libsyn. If you have a question or problem, Rob is there. He also has a hands-on approach to your media. His show – Podcast411 – brings on other podcasters to talk about their journeys.


Cliff Ravenscraft (PodcastAnswerman.com)

– Cliff started GSPN back in 2005 with the Lost TV fan podcast. GSPN was a pay-to-listen network until 2011. Since then, Cliff and Stephanie Ravenscraft created many different shows, but Cliff also created the Podcast Answerman and a online podcast class called Podcasting A to Z. He also runs the Podcasting track at NMX.

David Jackson (davidjackson.org)

– David runs the School of Podcasting – a technical trainer turned podcaster, David has been doing this since 2005. He has spoken at many different events including NMX and local podcamps around the Midwest and is the author of More Podcast Money: Turn Your Passion into Profits.


There are many others out there helping podcasters in one medium or another. It all depends on what you are doing for podcasting – video, audio, live streaming, internet radio, YouTube. The best advise is to find the coach in your niche and tap their brains.

Good luck in your podcast endeavors!

Podcasting Coaches, Podcast Influencers your should be following

Podcasting Coaches, Podcast Influencers your should be following

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