Why Your Podcast Needs a Desk Lamp

Adding a Desktop Lamp in Background

Adding a Desktop Lamp in Background

A desktop lamp adds a lot to anyone’s show. Of course it can add a more direct light so you can see things better. If you are reading off a sheet, or just need to see the keyboard a little better.

But the light also helps if you are ever doing video podcasts or are asked to be a guest on a video show.

I recommend a light that can adjust easily. This lamp has a gooseneck so I can turn it however I want.

Have two types of CFL lightbulbs at hand. A “Soft white” bulb and a “daylight” bulb. One emits a blue/white light and the other a more yellow light.

Lighting up your face allows the webcam to focus on that area. You look better in your presentations because your face is well-lit. Use the Blue/white bulb when doing that.

You can also use the light for ambiance if you already have a front-facing light. For those, I would switch to the other bulb that emits a yellow tint.

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