Podcast with Hosts in Multiple Locations

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  • JonTheNiceGuy

    Hi, notice you’ve not mentioned Mumble for audio? Mumble is a cross-platform audio-only chat application. It can natively record into a single channel audio file, or a file per-person. Originally written for gamer-chat, many open source podcasts will prefer it over Skype as it is an open source product.

    • Sounds good, @JonthNiceGuy. Of course there are a lot of programs out there. Will check out Mumble!

  • Steven Parris Samuels

    Thanks for the good write up, maybe you can help me out. I would like to record myself and someone in the same room doing a coversation with someone over FaceTime audio on my Mac using GarageBand. How can I do this?

  • Zencastr

    I recently built https://zencastr.com to help solve this issue of bad recording quality. I makes it dead simple to do double-ended recording just by sending a link to your guest. Then the files are sent to your dropbox folder.

    • Christian Lee

      Does Zencaster record video?