Podcast Jokes to Make You Laugh

We all have to make ribs to what we do. Musician jokes, doctor jokes, lawyer jokes and others on the internet. But what about podcasters? Lets look at some jokes you can make at your (or a podcaster friends’ ) expense…

  • What did the podcaster say to their audience? 
    – Is anybody out there?
  • What is the difference between a podcaster and a savings bond?
    – One will mature
  • Who is a podcaster’s best and only friend?
    -Mike (mic)
  • If a Podcaster falls in the woods, will someone finally listen to them?
  • How many podcasters does it take to change a lightbulb?
    – None. They’re too busy making an hour long show about how the bulb is out
    – One to do an unboxing of the new lightbulb and one to do a how-to video.
    – One. He holds the bulb while the world revolves around him.
    – None. They are too busy waiting for an iTunes review
  • While at church, the priest starts to throw holy water using the aspergillum.
    The podcaster stands up and says “Hey! I can do that every week on my show with my microphone!”
    The priest says “Yeah, but I have an audience to hit..”
  • What do you call a Podcaster with an audience of one?
    – Successful
  • Podcasters should not be seen and never heard…
  • Johnny asks his Facebook friends for an iTunes review.
    A friend goes “Where’s your podcast?”
    Johnny goes “iTunes. DUH!..”
  • If it takes 1,000 Monkeys to write Shakespeare, does it just take one to make a good podcast?
  • What do you get when you mix a podcast and Viagra?
    – A four hour Podcast
  • What’s the quickest way to a podcasters heart?
    – an iTunes review
  • Wife walks in and says “I want sex now”
    “But honey! I have to do my podcast. I have to keep on a regular schedule if I want to get more listeners”
    “Oh dear, your podcast is like the sex we have. Only the first 10 seconds are good for me. The rest is just all you…”
  • A podcaster walks into a drug store and says “I need condoms”.
    Pharmacist says “You got a fun night planned with your significant other?”
    Podcaster turns and says “No. I was told I needed something to protect my microphone…”
  • A podcast is like a bank account. You talk it up but it’s still at nothing
  • Did you hear about the man who had a successful podacast?
    – Neither did I.
  • Did you see the podcast with the iTunes review?
    – It was just an iTunes database error.
  • Why do sponsors pay podcasters?
    – Wait – Sponsors pay podcasters?
  • Podcaster asks his shrink “Why do I podcast”?
    Shrink says “Because you want to live in a fantasy world…”
  • Podcaster wants to spice up his love life. He tells his wife he wants to do a three-some. The wife is intrigued. She says “With who?” Podcaster says “Mike”…
  • How are podcasters and fishermen alike
    – They both lie about how big theirs is
  • What does a Podcaster say as a pickup line?
    – My show is hard and lasts 60 minutes…

What podcast jokes can you come up with? Let me know and post it on the Google+ Podcasters Community!


Podcast Jokes

Podcast Jokes

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