Podcast Microphone: Audio-Technica AT2020

If you want another low-cost microphone for podcasting, Audio-Technica makes the  AT2020 microphone. This is a cost effective condenser microphone for vocals and some instrument capture. And the black finish does make the microphone look cool.

About Condenser microphones

The condenser microphone is a great one to have in podcasting. These microphones have a greater frequency, and can reproduce the speed of the voice (called “transient response”). These microphones are more sensitive to loud sounds.

Most condenser mics require whats called “phantom power”. Basically a source as to power the microphone (whereas a standard SM 58 does not need external power). However, the handling of the frequencies, your voice can sound a lot crisper with a condenser microphone.

Audio-Technica AT2020

audio-technica AT2020

audio-technica AT2020

This is a simple studio microphone that is ususally placed a few inches away from your mouth. Adding a pop filter also can help keep you from getting too close to the microphone. Adding a shock mount to the microphone can also keep other noises low, like if you use the same table to tap your fingers on.

The AT202 has a 16mm low-mass diaphragm, and features a cardioid polar pattern. This will keep room noise down while anything close to the mic will get heard.

The AT2020 also has a wide frequency response (20Hz to 20kHz) and dynamic range for 124 db. That means your going to have to be loud for this mic to clip out.

How to position the AT2020

This is a microphone you talk through the side. There is a front side and back. Usually, the Audio-Technica logo will show you which side is the front. Otherwise, talk into it. Find the side that is more active to talk into.

You can tilt the microphone to catch more vocals. Talking in the top of it might leave you frustrated.

Is there a USB version of the AT2020?

AT2020 USB

AT2020 USB

Yes! There is! Along with a small tri-pod, this might be the perfect combination when you podcast from the road. The USB version has the same specifications as the XLR version.

Overall – Audio Technica AT2020

Although I don’t own one myself, I have had many opportunities to use them. In recording a podcast, this microphone does well for the voice. The price for this microphone can mean a startup podcaster could get a 2-3 mic system for $300 and have quality.

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