Help with Podcast: Watch Your Distance on the Mic

Speak Slower

How far away from your microphone are you?

One thing that I always catch myself on is getting too close to the microphone. When I am podcasting, every now and then I hit a tooth on the grill or notice my “P”op sound. When I interview, it becomes noticeable in post-production when I’m eating the microphone and then holding it way too far away from the interviewer.

What is a good placement for a Microphone?

When you are in the studio, you should have it about 3-6 inches away from your mouth. Try this: Sit down, take one hand and extend the pinky and thumb (known as the Aloha sign in Hawaii). The pinky should touch the microphone and the thumb to your lips.

That is a good distance.  If you move closer, you are not banging into the mic. If for some reason you need to be closer to the mic, then remove the pinky and distance the knuckle to the thumb.

Pop Filter

A Pop Filter can help you keep your distance from the mic.

Wind Screens Can Help

Known also as Pop filters, you set one up usually about 1-2 inches away from the microphone. When you talk into that, it gives you a good amount of distance between you and the mic. If you bump into the pop filter, it might not be as noticeable as if you bump into the mic.

Holding a Mic for Interviews

If you have a hand-held microphone, do the same thing with your pinky and thumb. Don’t go past the collar on your shirt. After all, if you were wearing a lavaliere, that would be the same mic placement.

It also gets the microphone away from your face. If you are creating video, a mic can hide your face. By having it lower, you don’t hide anything.

If you cannot get sound out of the microphone at that distance, then you need to check the microphone and attenuation (or gate).


I interview Doug from WACOM. The mic a little higher than I would like, but a decent placement.

By holding the mic in the right spot, you can look good and keep a level sound quality. Sometimes you just want to eat that microphone. Just keep remembering where your mic is, and it will naturally happen.



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