Getting your Podcast Website in Order – Writing Blog Post [Roundtable]

I join back up with Todd Cochrane in episode 15 of the TPN roundtable. Today we talk about your website and how to post your podcast show notes.

Todd starts off with explaining what you need when you set up a website for your podcast. Using his website ( as an example he explains how you want to have your RSS feed and other important links on the top side of your site.

Todd highlights key elements of his website to gain more traffic.

I talk about the importance of writing a good blog post. The keys of a good blog post include:

  • 150-200 words
  • 1-2 images including a feature image no smaller than 720×480
  • Applicable links
  • Backlinks – Contact form, about the show, privacy policy.

Adding photos to those blog posts are just as important. You can then be searched not only through Google, but also Google images. Even posting on YouTube you want to put in something unique and tag-able. That gives you search-ability in the #2 search engine.

Follow through on my presentation:

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  • Jeffrey – I’m glad you mention the importance of images. I just added image attachment to the Mobile Podcaster iOS podcasting app. Next version will include option to make the image a featured image in your WordPress post. And yes, works great with PowerPress.

    BTW, love your energy – not many folks can crank out the volume of quality content you deliver.