Podcast: What Does the Name Really Mean? Is it Fundimentally Amateur?

  • Guinness Ian

    In my opinion if you’re creating content for multiple distribution channels, and a podcast is just one of those channels, you can legitimately back away from categorizing yourself as a ‘podcaster’ or referring to what you do as ‘podcasting’.

    Content from TWiT is only one example. Like the TWiT network, MSNBC records their programs and packages them for distribution across several platforms…including as a podcast. This does not make Rachel Maddow or MSNBC podcasters, nor are they podcasting.

    The words ‘podcast’, ‘podcasting’ and ‘podcaster’ have their place, but should not be used to universally classify all individuals or entities serializing content via RSS/XML. This terminology is a better fit in situations where content is created specifically, exclusively or primarily for this medium.

  • I think that Leo Laporte’s quote misses out on the idea that professionalism lies in the perception of the listener. Leo could have the best audio equipment available but if he’s a jerk or seems less informed on the subject that he’s covering than others in his industry, people could see that as amateur.

    This is the beauty of podcasts and the internet in general. Professionalism is ultimately decided by the online community.