The Podcaster’s Prayer

Podcaster's Prayer

Podcaster’s Prayer

As I continue through this Podcaster’s life, help me to speak clearly into the mic

Help me to gain one more fan and to ignore those trolls that I continue to ban.

Remind me when I look in an empty room, to see a crowd that cheers and swoons

And if I make a horrible mistake, it becomes the best highlight blooper reel take.

Never let me forget that someone listens for more than those first 30 seconds

Keep faith that person will eventually write and tell you this show is “alright”

Capture that podcast twinkle in my eye and show it to me everytime I start to cry

For sometimes I need a little more to egg me on and not make this a “chore”

Help me see the effort is rewarding. Help me from beginning to end of the recording

Keep me calm when the Internet is down and I cannot get that show posted now

And when “New and Noteworthy” passes me by the listeners will continue to thrive

Make me smile when some new podcaster surpasses my show numbers a lot faster

For I know this is just a sprint and a tortoise can also be just as eminent

So I’ll turn on the computer and get in front of the mic, I’ll record the best show –

THE BEST SHOW I’ve ever had in my life.



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