The One Thing in Podcasting You Absolutely Need

In the last few months, you might have seen a lot of “Why you should be podcasting now” type titles on the web. It’s true – you should be podcasting your message.  There are many ways to do it and you can make it as easy or hard as you want. But out of all, there is one thing in podcasting that you cannot live without. If you don’t have this thing, then podcasting won’t work.


Today you are you!
That is truer than true!
There is no one alive who is you-er than you!

-Dr. Seuss

Desire Over Need

Keep in mind, podcasting on it’s basic level is suppose to be fun. Otherwise you are just talking into a microphone. Sure, you get a message across. Sure, you sell stuff. But there are two ends to a podcast – your end and the listener’s end.

If I say “time to make the podcast” and you cringe, then you are not into it. If you are not into it, how can your listeners be into it? Further, how can you sustain it?

I did a simple search and found this title “The 27 Steps To Get Your Podcast Into iTunes”. Further, it was from David Jackson. While he is a trusted podcast coach and the content inside is very helpful, the title alone made me step back.

I need to do 27 steps to put a podcast in iTunes? UGH!

Choosing Your Commitment Level of Podcasting

Did you know there are different levels of podcasting? If you think it’s just you and a microphone, then please re-evaluate your thoughts. Since we have a very basic definition of the genre (Video, Audio, PDF or ePub in an RSS feed of some sort), you can take that and run with it. Maybe start a 3D video podcast? Possibly a podcast of PDF files?

That is extreme, but how about these options:

  • Podcast with a friend or colleague? Join forces and record together, or
  • Alternate weeks with another with similar goals to create one show.
  • Record snippets at events you have to be at, then post on your show
  • Use resources like Fiverr and TaskRabbit to get people to help produce the show.
  • Use services like BlogTalkRadio to record and post the call
  • Record and upload to YouTube
  • Get another to record podcasts for you.

Did You Know You Can Create a Podcast Where You Don’t have to Talk?

Think of Bumblebee of the franchise “Transformers”. He never talked. He used snippets of other shows and movies to get his ideas across. You can do it too – that is, within legal boundaries for audio and video.

You can easily do an interview show where you let the guest talk the whole time. You record them saying “Hi, I’m {name} and this is {your show}”. Ask them questions behind the mic and simply edit those parts out. A 5 minute podcast with only one voice, and it’s not yours.

A “text to speech” software solution like Dragon Naturally Speaking gives you a voice without having one.

Nature Sounds is another way to do a show without talking. Nobody said you have to sell anything in a podcast. Just have a podcast that people consume.

Schedule, Schedule, Schedule

This is where a lot of people lose it. Kids and family, jobs, bills and other items. They all weigh down on you and stress you out. Having the stress of a weekly podcast can definitely bog down your already stressful life.

But keep in mind, if you schedule things, you might find the shows to be easier to do. Further, You Don’t Have to Podcast Every Week. That used to be a big issue for some, and it burnt a lot of people out.

TV shows don’t create 52 episodes of content. More like 24 episodes a year in the United States. Some get 3-5 seasons out of it and the viewers to boot.

Schedule your 24 episodes. If you do 25, 52 or more, that’s OK. If you do less than 24, keep the lines of communication open so people know what’s going on.

Leave the Stress Behind

Walk into that podcast with one thing in mind – recording a podcast. If it fills you with worry, concern, or just negative emotions, then stop doing it. You need to be into the podcast. Your happiness and willingness is the key here. Otherwise, it’s just something that will fade in the next year.

One thing in podcasting you absolutely need

One thing in podcasting you absolutely need

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