Podcasting is NOT Dead – Insights into Streaming [Roundtable]

In episode 16 of the roundtable, I am joined by Todd Cochrane to continue our series. This is a special edition of the roundtable because we recorded it during hour 4 of Todd’s 24 hour podcast.

Podcasting is NOT Dead

In this episode, I start off with an issue that was creeping up during the year. Back in December, NY Times took down their podcasts. In March, they closed all but two of their audio shows. This brought up the question if podcasting was losing it luster.

In August Microsoft closed up Zune to merge with Microsoft XBox Music. This brought up the question again: Is podcasting dead? Even this last friday Jason Calicanas announced he was closing This Week In…

Some people have said we are entering into the prime age of podcasting. I talk about how podcasting is NOT going away. Watching or listening to shows anywhere, increased LTE and Wifi coverage and owning more than one mobile device will actually bring new shows and more podcasts to the table.

The biggest fact: only 9% of the US population is listening to podcasts. Room for lots of growth.

Live Streaming Insights

Todd talks about what it takes to bring a live stream to the public. He shows you why streaming is as important as blogging and podcasting. He also talks about how important it is to keep to your roots.

Growth is an important factor. Being able to put out the same show for consistency is important.

Todd starts off with explaining what you need when you set up a website for your podcast. Using his website (www.geeknewscentral.com) as an example he explains how you want to have your RSS feed and other important links on the top side of your site.

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  • Hi Jeffrey! This presentation is pretty awesome! I learned so much. Most of all I loved hearing what you had to say about “the biggest problem”. I think that some podcasters are afraid to step up to the plate and make that statement about iTunes.
    I find it very challenging to shift gears from looking at an online world where “fresh” content matters and searching for content is somewhat simplistic into a place where things are difficult to find and at times almost impossible.

    Thanks for all of the statistic too.

    Do you know anywhere that I can get stats on international podcast consumption? The only stats I can find are U.S. based and I’m sure podcasting is growing in popularity in other countries as well.