Podchat #1: Todd Cochrane on the Podcast Website [Transcript]

Transcript of Podchat episode 1. Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central talks about what you should have on your website to help promote your podcast.

Podchat is a Twitter chat that happens every Tuesday at 8 pm EST. Use the hashtag #podchat to participate.

RecordAPodcast Thanks @douglaswelch & @PodcastJunky for participating. See you next Tuesday at 8 pm EST! #podchat -8:02 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Thanks to @geeknews for this first chat. You can continue to chat afterwards. Next week I’ll have another guest. #podchat -8:00 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews Before we go, make sure you check out our new stats interface we released it to all users today. It will blow your mind! 🙂 #podchat -7:59 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews …cause in most cases, you don’t know who your audience is, or won’t know until after a few shows. #podchat -7:58 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Thanks for the opportunity. Kind of a cool way to take questions on podcasting! #podchat -7:57 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Don’t focus on audience size, focus on your content and they will come! #podchat -7:57 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @PodcastJunky This will be happening every Tuesday at 8 pm. Next week’s guest will be announced shortly. #podchat -7:57 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews getting close to top of hour. Any important advice we haven’t touched base yet? #podchat -7:56 PM Nov 20th, 2012

PodcastJunky @RecordAPodcast That was fun. when will the next twitter chat be happening?#podchat -7:55 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Personally i do not post my feed anyplace beyond my site. I promote my .com and the show everywhere. #podchat -7:52 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews Those watching I will be doing my 24hr podcast on Dec 15th we will talk new media for 24hrs straight we will grow podcasters in 24 #podchat -7:51 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews Where else do you post your RSS besides website? #podchat -7:51 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews Yes, isn’t it. Of course, no one wants to lose the keys to your house now, do they? (LAUGH) #podchat -7:50 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews Kinda funny the conversation always swings back to control of your RSS feed. 🙂#podchat -7:49 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch …you wish. i.e. http://t.co/kUIEpbXV could point to your SoundCloud RSS feed but then easily repointed if necessary. #podchat -7:48 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @NMXPodcast Also if the consultant is cheap and the deal sounds to good to be true run. #podchat -7:47 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @geekazine Your RSS needs to be directly under your control. That said, you could always use a re-direct and point it wherever… #podchat -7:46 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @NMXPodcast Be wary of buying you consulting and your services from the same person. Conflicts of interest quickly arise. #podchat -7:46 PM Nov 20th, 2012

geekazine RT @GeekNews@RecordAPodcast Some folks using Soundcloud but do you want to trust a third party with rss feed? Recipe for disaster #podchat -7:45 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @NMXPodcast Always ask for a reference list and call their last three clients. Do the due diligence. #podchat -7:45 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Some folks are using Soundcloud but do you want to trust a third party with your rss feed? Recipe for disaster. #podchat -7:44 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast @GeekNews Good point about snake oil. What are some clues for people looking for a podcast coach that will keep the snake oil away? #podchat -7:42 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch …and even 1-on-1 interviews. MP4 is available for download from your YouTube account after the show. #podchat -7:42 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews some people wonder about Soundcloud. Can that be used to host#podcasts#podchat -7:42 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch While it has rough spots, Google Hangouts, with its off-site recording ability to YouTube is becoming very useful for live shows #podchat -7:42 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews …hooks them into some high priced, proprietary, system. #podchat-7:37 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast If your desire is to have a call in show, use Skype and have a chatroom on your own .com #podchat -7:37 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews Yes, I see that too and face the same issues with my clients. I try to get them started on the right foot b4 someone… #podchat -7:37 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @douglaswelch Lots of snake oil salesman out their. Big part of my consulting business is cleaning up others mistakes. #podchat -7:36 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews is there another service with better quality than blogtalk radio?#podchat -7:36 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast AM radio has better quality than BlogTalk. #podchat -7:35 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews Also, there are so many options that should be just as easy to use these days that it shouldn’t be necessary. #podchat -7:35 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews There a million choices a podcaster has to make in service selection etc. Sadly most dive in and do not ask for advice. #podchat -7:35 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews I must agree with Todd. BlogTalk has never appealed to me due to the 11k audio quality. Sounds like a tin can phone. #podchat -7:34 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews I say that everytime I hear someone listening to AM radio. Yet they still do… #podchat -7:34 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast BTW Podchat will will held every Tuesday at 8 pm EST. Mark your calendars! Want to answer questions to a topic? Let me know! #podchat -7:33 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @NMXPodcast <Blushing with humility> (LAUGH) #podchat -7:33 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Oh Boy my ears bleed when I hear BlogTalk that audio quality is simply not acceptable today and seems amateur. #podchat -7:33 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast @douglaswelch You are a master at the trifecta of blogging, Podcasting and video. #podchat -7:32 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews Yes, I have always said, “podcasts find their own length.” It is one of the better features vs. traditional media. #podchat -7:32 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews let’s change gears. You talk about quality and how Blogtalk radio. What is the biggest quam to using this service? #podchat -7:31 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @douglaswelch I have never got hung up on time question. If the content is good they will consume. Long Form Video is harder though #podchat -7:31 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews I am not sure how podcast with blogging. For me, blog posts, both for shows and in-between are critical. #podchat -7:31 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @NMXPodcast have always advocated a trifecta and stats show those that blog, have audio & video grow many x faster than audio only #podchat -7:29 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @NMXPodcast I think a combination of the two — short videos and long form audio are a good mix. #podchat -7:29 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @NMXPodcast If a Podcaster is not blogging they will grow slower than others. Video is tough but some like to watch versus listen. #podchat -7:28 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Some advocate Top, I don’t feel I have been hurt in subscriber numbers by having it on the bottom. Toss up Really. #podchat -7:27 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast @GeekNews Should audio podcasters consider adding blogging and video content? #podchat -7:26 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews let’s talk link placement. Where should they be on a website?#podchat -7:25 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast One thing those users should watch out for is compliance with iTunes specs could impact being featured etc if not. #podchat -7:24 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Their is a developer releasing bug fixes for podpress but I am unsure of whats happening in the active development. #podchat -7:23 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @PodcastJunky Having been full time for a number of years has been liberating but hard work at the same time. Payroll to meet etc. #podchat -7:22 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews is podpress an issue with RSS or is someone keeping that part up? #podchat -7:21 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews I will watch for it. Figured I would plug so you didn’t have to do it yourself (LAUGH) #podchat -7:21 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @douglaswelch Glad you like it we have a update coming tonight that fixes a issue jetpack introduced. 🙂 #podchat -7:20 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @PodcastJunky Lucky you! (LAUGH) #podchat -7:20 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast @GeekNews Yes on itunes link but there are some who prefer other sources so basic rss is also important. #podchat -7:19 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews Let me be the first to say that I am a happy user of Powerpress. Prevents a lot of mistakes and gets things right #podchat -7:19 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @douglaswelch Some host CDN’s where not able to fix the issue, our podcasters did not suffer from the iOS 6 issue. #podchat -7:18 PM Nov 20th, 2012

PodcastJunky So I’m in an twitter chat about podcasting and I can actually say I am working the day job. How cool is that?! #MyJobRocks #PodChat -7:18 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews Biggest RSS mistake not having the iTunes elements implemented correctly and or using a outdated plugin not up to date with spec #podchat -7:17 PM Nov 20th, 2012

geekazine #Podchat going on now! #podcasters chat about getting more out of your website!@recordapodcast -7:17 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews Agreed, but a reality unfortunately. That said, Apple’s iOS bug with podcasting blew my stats all to hell already. #podchat -7:17 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @NMXPodcast Which leads me to say that podcasters should see data caps and bandwidth restrictions as a direct attack on their shows #podchat -7:16 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @Geeknews what is the one big mistake people make in putting an RSS feed together? #podchat -7:16 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @douglaswelch Stitcher is it is a closed eco-system great for listeners really poor for podcasters in stats validation for advert #podchat -7:15 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @NMXPodcast The automatic delivery is one key ingredient to podcasting, I think. Saves people’s data plans too, with data caps, etc #podchat -7:13 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @NMXPodcast One thing to remember if your doing live you have to promote live heavily and be live on a decent schedule. #podchat -7:13 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Agreed. Speakpipe is a great way (and easy way) to show interaction.#podchat -7:13 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews No the Zune links are dead. But if you where in the directory before your still listed on windows 8 phones. #podchat -7:12 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast @douglaswelch I would agree with that. RSS allows me to subscribe so I don’t have to remember to go and check a content source. #podchat -7:12 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews People listen on their own schedule so you have to have a way for them to leave a message. VM or Speakpipe have been effective. #podchat -7:12 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch That said about RSS, the increasing use of streaming by Apple’s Podcast App and Stitcher is providing another avenue for listening #podchat -7:12 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @geeknews so should people put their @Zune links back up? #podchat -7:11 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch For myself, I still need RSS to be able to sort through mass volumes of info in a world that is increasing real-time i.e. Twitter. #podchat -7:10 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews Zune is still pulling feeds for Windows 8 so its not totally dead but close #podchat-7:10 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @GeekNews Yes, I think that the continued use by other services reinforces Podcasting use. Intros people to what it is. #podchat -7:09 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast @GeekNews Can you suggest some ways to encourage listeners to call in?#podchat -7:09 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @Geeknews besides RSS and iTunes, should there be any other feeds#Podcasters can connect to? (knowing Zune is no longer valid) #podchat -7:09 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @douglaswelch RSS feeds are used by iTunes/Blackberry/Directories etc etc.. Without RSS Podcasting is DOA #podchat -7:08 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch @NMXPodcast I use separate email aliases for each show feeding into my Gmail Acct. Never had too much trouble w/SPAm over the years #podchat -7:08 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch I think the popularity of services like If This Then That and others, which consume/use RSS feeds, helps keep RSS alive, too #podchat -7:07 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @NMXPodcast The best way to include am email on your site is to have a dedicated email account for the show something separate. #podchat -7:07 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Good question @NMXPodcast RT What’s the best way to include email w/o getting spammed @Geeknews #podchat -7:06 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast RSS feeds still account for nearly 50% of total subscriptions to shows. 100+ device types rely on them! #podchat -7:06 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast @GeekNews What is the best way to include your email w/o subjecting your email inbox to spam? #podchat -7:05 PM Nov 20th, 2012

TBEXevents Are you a podcaster? There’s a Twitter chat on now! RT @NMXPodcast#Podchat is starting now. http://t.co/e8TNCcEa -7:05 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @Geeknews Are RSS feeds even relevant? #podchat -7:04 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast You can ask questions at any time. Don’t forget to follow @Geeknews#podchat -7:03 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast #Podchat is starting now. http://t.co/xQF5FL57 -7:02 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Making people dig for a feed/itunes will cause potential new audience members just to bounce. #podchat -7:02 PM Nov 20th, 2012

geekazine #Podchat on #Podcast Websites @recordapodcast -7:02 PM Nov 20th, 2012

PodcastJunky #Podchat is starting now. http://t.co/wMXZ2bb7 -7:02 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @RecordAPodcast Listeners need to be able easily subscribe. With iOS 6 all they need to do is click a feed to subscribe instantly #podchat -7:01 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast First question – @Geeknews Why do people need a visible RSS feed on the front page? #podchat -7:00 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast #podchat starting soon #podchat -6:59 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews @douglaswelch This is organized by @geekazine its a Q&A about new media / podcasting. #podchat -6:58 PM Nov 20th, 2012

douglaswelch What is #podchat? Come to here to talk all things podcasting in just 5 minutes.http://t.co/5WEHcTga #podchat -6:55 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews I will be participating in a #podchat in just a few minutes get your questions ready#podchat -6:50 PM Nov 20th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Ten minutes – we talk with Todd Cochrane (@Geeknews) about #PodcastWebsites. Are you ready? #podchat -6:47 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast one hour to #Podchat tonight. https://t.co/zoCnXBJO … -6:01 PM Nov 20th, 2012

GeekNews RT @geekazine: Don’t forget – tonight at 8pm is #Podchat with @geeknews.http://t.co/MqKye0rG -4:58 PM Nov 20th, 2012

rollerderbydave RT @NMXPodcast: I’m attending #Podchat tonight. 5PM PST. Will I see you there? https://t.co/zoCnXBJO -1:43 PM Nov 20th, 2012

PodcastJunky Roll call. Who is attending #Podchat tonight at 5PM PST? https://t.co/lfVnEFbm-1:24 PM Nov 20th, 2012

NMXPodcast I’m attending #Podchat tonight. 5PM PST. Will I see you there?https://t.co/zoCnXBJO -1:23 PM Nov 20th, 2012

geekazine Don’t forget – tonight at 8pm is #Podchat with @geeknewshttp://t.co/MqKye0rG-12:53 PM Nov 20th, 2012

geekazine Tomorrow we have @GeekNews on the #PodChat talking about your #Podcast#Website – What you need on it and why. -2:46 PM Nov 19th, 2012

geekazine RT @RecordAPodcast: Tues, @Geeknews will be the guest of the first #Podchat He will talk about the stats on this video: http://t.co/GYsaiWoL -8:16 PM Nov 15th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Tuesday, @Geeknews will be the guest of the first #Podchat He will talk about the stats on this video: http://t.co/WEN5CJFm #podchat -8:16 PM Nov 15th, 2012

nikandkelly #podchat @howardhoward2 is that such a bad thing? -12:58 PM Nov 15th, 2012

geekazine RT @RecordAPodcast: Weekly #Podcast chat #PodChat happens Tuesdays @ 8 pm EST. Lining up podcasters the first few shows http://t.co/mjedCpti -9:30 AM Nov 14th, 2012

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