Podchat #2: Jamie Davis of ProMed Network [Transcript]

Transcript of Episode 2 with Jamie Davis – @Podmedic. He produces several medical shows and also goes to confrences like EMS expo to live stream and get content. We talk about podcasting to this niche.


RecordAPodcast In two weeks we have a real special guest joining us. She started a podcast channel. More info to come next week! #podchat-8:04 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Thanks to @techpodcasts #CES13 live stream for sponsoring. See everyone next week when @Loumongello joins us#podchat -8:03 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic RT @RecordAPodcast: Thanks to @Podmedic for chatting with us tonight. Remember to follow our guests on #Twitter#podchat-8:03 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Feel free to continue chatting on these topics. Thanks to @NMXPodcast @julyfortier and @NursSciWatch for participating#podchat -8:02 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @douglaswelch @NMXPodcast thanks for the information, Doug. I’ll have to look into Google Hangouts for podcasting #Podchat-8:02 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Thanks to @Podmedic for chatting with us tonight. Remember to follow our guests on #Twitter#podchat -8:01 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @DanBoyer No, do you know of one that would like to come on and do an episode with me? #occupational #nurse #Podchat -8:01 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast no legal issues as long as #HIPAA is followed to protect patient identity #Podchat -8:00 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast medical procedures are allowed, since med #podcasts not under FCC broadcast rules so no legal issues#Podchat -7:59 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast There are some procedures on a few of the medical channels on YouTube and in iTunes but most are less graphic #Podchat -7:58 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NursSciWatch RT @podmedic: There are a lot of #EMS & #doctor#podcasters but not so many #nurses #podcasting. Not sure why#Podchat -7:58 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast If so, are there any legal issues a show like that would have to overcome? #podchat -7:57 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NMXPodcast I’m a fan of @Disney and Lou! RT @podmedic: RT@RecordAPodcast: Next weeks Podchat – @LouMongello of WDW Radio. Dec 4th @ 8 pm EST! #podchat -7:57 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast for pure educational purposes? #podchat -7:57 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast This is not to be morbid, but are there any video#Podcasts that are showing more graphic content (like open heart surgery) #podchat -7:56 PM Nov 27th, 2012

julyfortier “@podmedic: It’s really gratifying to hear from an #EMS or#RnStudent that I helped them pass classes and board exams #Podchat@nurse_gege -7:56 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast shoot! #Podchat -7:56 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Ok. We’re coming to the top of the hour, so one last question… #podchat -7:55 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic RT @RecordAPodcast: Remember to visit all the #Podcasts athttp://t.co/vmy6qo1M #podchat -7:55 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast I produce video in Mp4 and audio#podcasts in Mp3, I upload 720p Mov for YouTube Channel #Podchat-7:54 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic What formats do you use? Mp4 – Mp3? OGG? Other? #podchat -7:52 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast I see many downloads and views over mobile devices, usually iOS #iPad and #iPhone #Podchat -7:51 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast I try to make sure my content looks good on all video players but especially mobile devices #Podchat -7:50 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic when you do video, what device do you play toward? Roku, iPad, Kindle Fire or another device? #podchat -7:49 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic RT @RecordAPodcast: Next week’s Podchat – @LouMongelloof WDW Radio. Dec 4th @ 8 pm EST! #podchat -7:49 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast It’s really gratifying to hear from an #EMSor #nursing student that I helped them pass classes and board exams#Podchat -7:49 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Next week’s Podchat – @LouMongello of WDW Radio. Dec 4th @ 8 pm EST! #podchat -7:48 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast About 25% of my audience on all shows are students, I have a lot of instructors who use my shows, too#Podchat -7:48 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic what about students? Are shows like this popular with the learned? #podchat -7:47 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast Average age of nurses in U.S. is 47 so most are technophobes due to age. #EMS is a young profession#Podchat -7:45 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast Probably not hitting too many nurses on audio shows but seeing a rise via channels like #Roku for video#Podchat -7:44 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic I’ve gathered a group of 45 #healthcare #podcasts athttp://t.co/AfJcPlUy to give them a niche voice #Podchat -7:43 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic when it comes to listening to shows, is podcasting hitting the nursing demographic? #podchat -7:43 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic There are a lot of #EMS & #doctor #podcasters but not so many #nurses #podcasting. Not sure why #Podchat -7:41 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @NMXPodcast hot topics include anything #ECG #drugabuse#pediatrics. These all get a lot of views and feedback #Podchat -7:39 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Since then, a lot has changed in the medical profession. Those machines were big and bulky. Now you need is an iPad and a program. #podchat -7:38 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NMXPodcast @podmedic What topics do you find get a lot of feedback/engagement? #podchat -7:37 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic The biggest challenge in #healthcare #podcasting is getting info right so patient care improves #podchat -7:37 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast I personally have done a lot of IT in the medical field. I started my tech career testing the Viking EMG and EEG machines.#podchat -7:36 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic RT @RecordAPodcast: Podchat is brought to you this week by Techpodcast #CES13 live coverage January 8-10th http://t.co/4XiZJuVp#podchat -7:36 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @NMXPodcast @GeekNews Which is why I do all the solo shows with video & screencasts, I’ve seen the video numbers rise#podchat -7:35 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast I had the tech know how but in#healthcare, you have to research and make sure you have it right#Podchat -7:34 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NMXPodcast @podmedic I would agree with your nurses on that but@GeekNews did a study and found podcasts with video element grew much faster. #podchat -7:34 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast Biggest hurdle was just getting started. My advice now to newbies is to just start recording. It’ll get better#Podchat -7:33 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast (or obstacles) #podchat -7:33 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic when you started 7 years ago, what was your first obstacle you had to overcome? #podchat -7:32 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NMXPodcast @douglaswelch would you like to weigh in on google hangouts for Podcasting? He does a foodie show using google hangouts. #podchat -7:32 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast I’ll have to look into it tho the nurses on the panels like that they don’t have to worry about their appearance#Podchat -7:31 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic you can record the Google Hangout on YouTube, then download to edit and re-post. #podchat -7:29 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast mostly logistics & me being stuck in my workflow as is. With 4 shows a week, I’ve had to become very efficient#Podchat -7:29 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NMXPodcast Not yet but my friend @JasonTucker has. Jason could you share with us how you use google hangouts for a video podcast?#podchat -7:28 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @NMXPodcast One thing about #podcasting, been doing this thing for 7+ yrs and I’m still learning new ways to do it #PodChat -7:28 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic is it an issue of finding guests with webcams, or just the logistics of the video? #podchat -7:27 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @NMXPodcast I guess you’d screencapture the Google hangout video and use that in the show? #Podchat -7:26 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @NMXPodcast I haven’t dabbled in Google hangouts yet. Do you recommend them? I’ve been considering a Citrix solution. #Podchat-7:26 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @NMXPodcast most are aimed at #healthcare pros. My new show Health Tech Weekly will be aimed at public #Podchat -7:24 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NMXPodcast For multiple guests on a video podcasts, have you considered google hangouts? #podchat -7:23 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic How do you go about getting guests? Is that a problem – people that don’t want to talk on a show? #podchat-7:23 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast Haven’t figured a way to do Insights in Nursing with multiple guests via video in my workflow yet. #Podchat-7:22 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast Insights is audio only, all others have both audio and video versions from the MedicCast studios … #Podchat -7:21 PM Nov 27th, 2012

NMXPodcast @podmedic Are your podcasts intended for medical professionals or general public? #podchat -7:20 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic are your shows audio, video or both?#podchat -7:20 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast #HIPAA is more of a problem during interviews but most #healthcare pros know what they can & can’t talk about #Podchat -7:19 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast #HIPAA is treated as with any other type of communication. Any patient mentioned is sanitized and changed#podchat -7:18 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast Insights in Nursing is a panel discussion on #nursing and #healthcare news #Podchat -7:17 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic does #HIPPA ever factor into your podcasts? #podchat -7:17 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast I have 3 other programs, MedicCast, Nursing Show, and Insights in Nursing #Podchat -7:16 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast I will primarily be reporting on news and updates on the #HealthTech podcast. On my other shows I have guests.#Podchat -7:15 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast The sky’s the limit with what health & tech offer to us now. Just saw a chip powered by the body’s own electricity#Podchat -7:14 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic So when you are podcasting that, are you getting guests on, or showing how these gadgets work? #podchat -7:14 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic RT @RecordAPodcast: Anyone can feel free to ask questions. Please join in on the conversation! #podchat -7:13 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Anyone can feel free to ask questions. Please join in on the conversation! #podchat -7:13 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast #smartphones are just compact computers so any device that can communicate w/ a computer … #Podchat -7:12 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast Lots of tech on the horizon. I’m looking forward to #CES2013 because of some of the new devices there#Podchat -7:11 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic Heart monitors? How does that work? Is a wireless dongle inserted into the chest? #podchat -7:10 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic @RecordAPodcast That was just the beginning, now portable heart monitors, blood glucose monitors for #diabetics and ultrasound#Podchat -7:09 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic now we have weight management, vital management and more. But are they getting into something more than just vitals? #podchat -7:08 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic. Cool. I remember seeing the blood pressure cuff for iPad a couple years ago and thought “How cool was that”. #podchat -7:07 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic #Podchat @RecordAPodcast I’ve been watching the fitness gadgets and the connectivity between health assessment tools and#smartphones -7:06 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic #Podchat I just got back from #EMSWorldExpo where a large group of health #podcasters covered this #EMS conference live -7:05 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic What new gadgets are you seeing in the healthcare profession coming out? #podchat -7:05 PM Nov 27th, 2012

geekazine #Podchat with @Podmedic has begun. Remember to use the hashtag #Podchat -7:04 PM Nov 27th, 2012

podmedic #podchat Yes, Jeff I’m working on a new show now called Health Tech Weekly featuring healthcare gadgets and technology -7:04 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast @podmedic You have a new show out there, right Jamie? #podchat -7:02 PM Nov 27th, 2012

mediccast RT @RecordAPodcast: The chat will be starting in a couple minutes with @podmedic – #podchat -7:02 PM Nov 27th, 2012

RecordAPodcast Welcome to Podchat – the weekly chat with Podcasters about #podcasting. This week we have @Podmedic on. Jamie just came back from.. #podchat -7:01 PM Nov 27th, 2012



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