Re-Running Podcasts – Revitalize old Episodes by Going on Vacation.

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  • Mignon Fogarty

    Hey, great article, Jeff! Glad my vacation could be an inspiration.

    A funny bit of inside information is that I actually had to rerecord the show to run it as a “rerun” because I couldn’t find the original audio file. I nodded heartily at your “Save Your Raw Audio and Video” section. Still, using the existing script saved me the time of having to write a new episode.

    I struggle with the idea of when to replace a file. Since I’ve done 300+ show and there’s only so much to say about grammar, in the last year or so, I’ve taken to updating old episodes every 4 to 6 weeks. I look in the comments section and see if there’s something that was confusing that I can clarify or if there are new questions on the topic I can work in to make the show better. Also, if an old show had a news hook, I’ll rewrite it with a different, more current news hook. How much I’ve rewritten the show will influence whether I replace the old one or post the rewrite as a new show.

    • I know. I’ve gotten podcasters block before. You just have to keep the eyes and ears open for ideas.