Should You Record your Podcast During the Holidays?

It’s a big question that comes around every time this year. You have a lot to do and little time to do it. Grandma’s house is not that close. Kids need Star Wars toys. Skipping a podcast or two sounds really inviting. After all – who’s gonna miss it?


With a little bit of planning, your show can continue on a regular basis while you sip Egg Nog with the fam, stuffing yourself with food, and even passing off that White Elephant gift.

I’m Plowing through the holidays! No breaks because im crazy!

Chris Holifield– I am Salt Lake Podcast

Podcast Statistics Rise

It’s simple – New gifts means new electronics like smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, Assistants like Alexa, and more. The first thing people do when they sit down with these devices is find something new to set up on it. Apps, music, Podcasts.

According to Todd Cochrane of RawVoice, the average podcast will see a 15% or more bump during the winter months. Not just the holiday season but during the winter.

Shoveling snow is a part of my routine. I actually love it. If you’ve ever been out there at 6 AM with a few inches of snow on the ground, you know how quiet and peaceful it can be. Plopping some headphones in and listening while you clear the walk is very therapeutic. A good podcast or two can help pass the time.

Of course, a podcast in the car on the way to Grandma’s house while the kids are playing video games, and Mom has her headphones in listening to her own podcasts – if that doesn’t scream Holidays, I don’t know what will.

Less Competition from Other Forms of Media

Having new episodes of your show less than a week old keeps you up on the top of the pile. Especially when up to 80% of podcasts shut down for the 2 week period. TV networks are on winter break, and running re-runs. There are only so many times you can watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “A Christmas Story”, or even “A Madea Christmas” without going stir crazy yourself.

More Reasons to Find Shows

When you are in the car on that 3-4 hour drive home you might want to find something new to listen to. A podcast is a great alternative to listening to holiday music from the radio station. Especially when you are in that dead spot where you cannot tune in any stations.

If you’re show is agnostic, then you might be helping the millions of people who get depressed during this time of year. Backing away from the lights, and the Bing Crosby might be a way for someone to grasp onto your show.

Very Special Episodes – Holiday Evergreen Content

We are doing a special tomorrow where all of our Christmas episodes play, some old radio dramas and comedies, some special Christmas messages, and Christmas stories.

Katie ‘Atwell’ Duncan – JustaFase

On Christmas eve I posted “Twas the Night Before Christmas” where I read the story by the tree and fireside. Of course I also promoted an app along with it. The next year, I sand “The Night Before Christmas in the Style of Blues Traveler

It’s also holiday evergreen content which means people will call it up again this time next year. Just make sure you have your SEO set right and it will come up in search results for years to come.

A Different Look of the Show – Behind the Scenes

On The Other Side of LIVE we are “pulling back the curtain” and just celebrating the holiday as a family live on our show. We figure it is so busy during the holidays, and not everyone enjoys their real family, that we would give you the family we have built with our show. So instead of doing a typical show we will be just relaxing together and talking about are hopes and dreams both personally and professionally for the new year.

Charles McFall – the Other Side of Live

Now that is a great idea. pull your fans into the show to get their thoughts and ideas. You could also post a show on what it takes to put together your show.

Some people hide their personal lives. Some spouses choose not to participate in podcasts and don’t want to be mentioned. However if you have a spouse that is open to do it, why not open up the curtain and see what’s behind? Even if it’s a couple minute segment to get their views on what it’s like to live with a podcaster.

Pre-Record the Show

These ideas can be pre-recorded so you can take off during the holidays and still have content publishing. The best part of Day in Tech History is that I can record the shows in advance so they keep the 365 day schedule.

If you stick with reporting news then that idea will be a little more difficult. Think of giving people something else to chew on while you plan your show’s return. It’s even OK to say “This show was recorded but is still new”.

Podcasting During the Holidays

Podcasting During the Holidays

It is OK to Take a Break – Take time to Review

Off, though only because my co-hosts wanted it off. I could keep going otherwise.

Brian Webber – Arkle Studios

If you feel you need a break from the insanity of podcasting then take a break. The best thing to do is sit down and listen (or watch) your show. Note what you like and what you don’t. Figure out what changes you can make to bring a new audience into the mix. You might just build your audience with a simple audit of your show.

No matter if you take time off or record during the holidays, the idea is to keep on podcasting! Here’s to gaining new subscribers and building a better show for years to come!

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