Record a Podcast Using Web-Based Spreaker Software

There are many ways to record your podcast. Heck, you can even use an old tape recorder and transfer to computer if you wanted to. But why do that when you have a multitude of software out there to not only record your voice, but also add sound effects and music?

Take Spreaker (pronounced similar to “Speaker”), for example. This is a cloud-based podcast software you can use to record your show. You can sign up for free, and start podcasting within moments. You can also podcast using a mobile device – If you have an iPhone or iPad, or Android device, you can use the mobile device to record a podcast.

Spreaker Web

Spreaker Web Broadcasting console

Sign up for an account (you can register, or use your Facebook or Twitter account). Add all your information and the podcast name, then you are ready to record a show.

The web interface allows you to put in music, sound effects and more. Choose from the vast library, or upload your own audio. For the music library, you can set up the second channel to bring in and take out music.

When your sounds are set up, hit the record button and start your podcast. When done, simply stop the recording.

Recording from the iPhone, iPad, Android

I am actually impressed with the mobile app. I installed on my iPad, although it’s technically an iPhone app (because most apps stay in portrait mode). However, when it came time to record, the interface flipped to landscape, so I could record without cocking my head to the side. You can even select the effects and other music tracks.

Spreaker iPad

Spreaker on the iPad

Some downfalls of Spreaker

I went to record my podcast, and had to re-adjust the levels and do the show again. The audio was a little wanky the first time around – I couldn’t hear it too well in the monitors. By the second recording, everything fell into place. There are only a few audio clips to choose from, but if you are planning to really utilize this system, you will upload your own stuff.

I also had a hiccup in my internet connection when I did a test podcast. When that happened, the whole display disappeared and I had to start over. As opposed to software recording, if the internet connection goes, you don’t lose the recording, you just pause and wait until things come back.

Overall Use of Spreaker

It was easy to use, easy to insert audio clips and really great to use. I got a 128 kbps file that I downloaded and put below.

If you want an easy way to podcast, this is definitely easy. There are several plans to Spreaker, from free to station – which will cost about $119 a month (with unlimited broadcast time). For serious podcasters, there is a $19.99 / month which also gives you revenue sharing options and pre-roll commercial spots.


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