Reduce the Plosives in Podcasting

Do you hear some weird popping coming from your audio? B’s and P’s sound like someone has lobbed a baseball into the microphone and S sounds make you look for snakes in the room.

These are called “Plosives”. They make the microphone embouchure push together so hard it technically “Clips” the sound.

Here are two ways you can solve that. First, get further away from the microphone. A windscreen or microphone foam helps slow down the wind of your breath so it doesn’t plosive into the capsule.

I made a windscreen using a crochet hoop and this screen material. Some use pantyhose, but a harder surface cuts the plosives better.

Finally, the simplest way to cut the plosive is… The Pencil. Or pen. Or straw. Simply put it in-between your lips like this. The wind of your speaking will split and go two different directions. You will then have a reduced plosive in your speaking.

If none of those options work then check your microphone. Older and cheaper microphones might make for a weaker capsule. It might just be time to look for another model or replacement.

Reducing Plosives in Podcasting

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  • Richard Farrar

    The pencil trick can actually help with siblance too; I tried this with a particular condenser microphone and an actress once with a siblance problem and it was surprisingly effective with a pencil strapped to the microphone in front of the capsule with a rubber band.

  • Love the hoop/hose trick. You wouldn’t believe how many top-shelf studios I’ve been in that do this.

    Including an image of a EQ setting (this is from Audacity) you can use over plosives should any still come through…