Remove an Old Podcast from iTunes Store [How-To]

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article on how to Submit your podcast to iTunes. Because of that I was asked the question:


I just migrated from Squarespace – 5 to 6 for my blog that hosts my podcast feeds. In so doing, even though the blog podcast has the same url, I had to resubmit them to iTunes in order to have them work – and they have been approved. The catch is that my old invalid feeds are still listed in iTunes as well. Any idea how to remove those invalid feeds from iTunes directory? – Rob Schertzer, MD, MEd, FRCSC

That is a great question Rob. Let’s find out how to remove the podcast RSS

How to Remove Your Old Podcast from iTunes

  1. Open iTunes and sign into the iTunes Store.
  2. Find and select your podcast.
  3. Click Report a Concern.

    Remove a Podcast - Select Report a Concern

    Remove a Podcast – Select Report a Concern

  4. Select “Remove a Podcast” from the Choose a Reason menu.
  5. Explain why you want the podcast removed.

    Chose Remove Podcast and Explain Why

    Chose Remove Podcast and Explain Why

Can I Salvage the old RSS Feed?

It depends on where the RSS feed pointed to. If you can re-create that path then you should be able to revitalize the feed.

When it comes to third party systems like Squarespace, that might be difficult to do. Especially if the RSS feed you used wasn’t for a web property you own. For example: Let’s say you have a website and a account. Blip makes an RSS feed which you can use. However, if I was to leave Blip for my own hosting, that RSS feed ( for example) will be useless.

Removal of the iTunes Feed

Rob informed me the iTunes feed was removed within 24 hours. He received an email confirmation as well.

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  • this is interesting. this is exactly what itunes support said to do today, but i don’t see this option to “report a concern” anywhere on itunes 11 (

    any ideas?