Rode VideoMic Pro ShotGun Mic for Quieter Room Interviews

Rode VideoMic Pro

Rode VideoMic Pro

Some podcasters don’t want to carry microphones with them. When they get the chance, they will use a Shotgun mic with their camcorder and camera. The microphone is directional – it is designed to get audio from whatever is in front of the mic and ignore what is behind it.

Røde is a Ultra compact and lightweight shotgun mic that a lot of professionals like to use for voice recording. It has a Supercardiod polar pattern, a 2 step high pass filter, and a 3-position lever control.

You can place the Røde VideoMic on top of the camera, or on a boom stand, to place overhead the speakers for better sound. It is great to use in rooms with someone speaking, especially next to a speaker system for it catches only what goes through the speaker’s voice.

The 3-way level control allows you to compress the surrounding sound if in a noisy room. The 2 step high pass filter kills low frequency hum. Add a DeadCat Wind Muff to further reduce room noise.

The Røde VideoMic does run on a 9V battery , but can operate for 70 hours before changing.

The key to good video is the voice recording. If your audio is hard to hear, people will move on. When you record the voice perfectly, people will tend to watch or listen a little longer.


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