This Royalty Free Album Isn’t Really Royalty Free

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  • Lucy Chastain

    You are very mistaken about the notions of royalty free and copyright.
    The only music that isn’t copyright free is public domain music. Everything else is copyrighted.

    Royalty free does not mean copyright free. Royalty free means that the person who created the work is giving you the permission to reuse the material without having to keep paying that person royalties for the privilege of using it. If ErFree is indeed the publisher of this album and meant for it to be royalty free, it doesn’t matter that the music is copyrighted by it. ErFree released this album for the sole purpose of other people using it in their multimedia projects.

    As for the flag you got at YouTube, think about it. How is it that Amazon is telling you that ErFree has copyrighted this album but YouTube says it’s “Believe”? Two different companies are claiming copyright. How can this be?

    Well, many copyright trolls have been trying to steal revenue from content creators on YouTube by placing false copyright claims. So Believe may in fact have zero claim on the music from this album, but has been able to successfully convince YT that it owns the copyright somehow. Some musicians who create original music have actually had claims filed against them by people who stole their music for their own productions and then claimed copyright. A lot of copyright trolls have made a business of doing this, the most infamous being Orchard Music and AdRev for a Third Party.

    Anyway, the whole point of this is that you have to take any flags from YouTube with a gigantic grain of salt. Once I started getting flags for Kevin McLeod’s music, I knew that it could no longer be trusted.

  • DG_76

    I agree with Lucy but in a way I’m glad you fought it! Royalty free music is tricky and takes some hard research to really know if you are getting what you paid for. I do want to say that purchasing royalty free music regardless if its copyright clear, is a great step to getting music for your productions instead of trying to ask the composers and writers to begin with. Have to start somewhere I say. In any case check out they have 100% copyright clear music (depending on country location) and they even state it in their licencing agreement.

  • Anthony Bardaro

    Do you have contact info for ERFree? I bought this too and want to ask a question about their rf license. I cannot find their contact info.