How To Use the Selfie to Your Podcast’s Advantage

The Sinatra song goes: When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling. Then the whole world smiles at you…

Selfies are big business because you can capture the moment by pointing a camera at yourself. Watching social media I see a lot of people are doing the “Ellen Show selfie” hoping to break a record on Twitter. Unless they have Bradley Cooper taking the picture, Samsung hosting the photo, or Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, or other major stars in it during a prime time event, you’ll most likely not hit that number.

You WILL get noticed, though.

Ellen can selfie, so can you

Ellen can selfie, so can you

A selfie is a great way to capture the moment. Wherever you are and whatever you do. Add a little bit of post-processing (slight blur, highlights, etc) and you could have an image that says what your podcast is about.

Before the Selfie, there was… the Selfie.

We have been taking selfies long before the term was coined and the front-facing camera was invented. As a musician I would go out in the crowd taking pictures of us at gigs. I was known to take a selfie or two.

Even in my podcasts, I have been known to snap pictures while recording. I have also ventured in the basement and taken not only photos, but rolling selfies – a 30 second video of my show.

Geek Smack Logo from Geekazine on Vimeo.

The right picture can become a great cover photo for what you do. Since a picture is worth 1,000 words, I am able to speak volumes with a selfie.

Some people call it “Selfish”.  It is also called self-promotion. After all – the podcast is self-promotion in itself. Therefore, a selfie should be a regular part of that.

I decided to do selfies while at SXSW to see what would come of it. Usually I focus more on interviews and snapping quick pictures with my phone or Google Glass. But this year I turned the camera on myself and this is what I got:

Dan Harmon from Community. Simon Helberg from Big Bang Theory. Shaq, Seth Rogan, Michael Pena (American Hustle), Guillermo (Jimmy Kimmel), Jim Breuer, Rosario Dawson, Jason Ritter, and Adam Savage.

Selfie with Adam Savage

Selfie with Adam Savage

I also got a host of other people I know. Whenever I saw Google Glass #teamsky I wanted to take a picture with them. All with smiles – mine and theirs.

With those pictures, I got a lot of comments and likes. Some people wondered where I was. Others congratulated me. And to think – if I was to do what I did a year ago, I wouldn’t have none of those mentions and potential listeners to my podcasts.

Don’t worry if you are not next to Shaq or Seth Rogan to get a Facebook photo. You don’t really need to be by anyone to take a good selfie and promote yourself.

Podcasting can be a lonely profession. Most of us are doing it singularly. Therefore, if you want to take a pictures of yourself you will have to connect a camera and do it yourself.

Chris Pirillo Head

Chris Pirillo Head

Chris Pirillo was a smart selfie person. For a while, his headshot started up all of his articles whether they had media or not. Either a surprised shot, a happy shot, a cur-fuddled shot, or whatever – you started out the post with a smile.

That is why YouTube creator playbook says to create a close up image with an engaging face in it. It doesn’t have to smile but it does have to give you a look that states what the video is about.

In my last article: How an Audio Podcast Can Go Viral I talk about how using the 1280×720 image at the top will help your audio podcasts.

Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways it Can

Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways it Can

Did you know you can put pictures into your audio podcast? The cover art is a great way to do that. Instead of putting your artwork in the cover art – next time put a selfie in there. See what happens!

Add your selfie to your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles. A smiling face greeting people to your posts can be the difference on interaction.

Selfies to Your Website Search Results

Did you know you can set up your profile so when you publish an article, your selfie shows up in the Google search?

HTRP Google Result with My Selfie on it

HTRP Google Result with My Selfie on it

Here is what you do:

  1. Set up your Google+ Profile. Within the contact information, you must verify your email.
  2. Another section of Google+ is the Contributor section. Add the websites you write articles for.

    What websites do you contribute to?

    What websites do you contribute to?

  3. In your blog, you must have an Author section. This is an area that allows you to put in code pointing back to your profile. If you are using WordPress, About the Author is a plugin that will help.
    1. Within the About, you must add the “?rel=author” code as a link back to Google+. For me, I would add:
    2. <a href=””>Google+ Profile</a>
    3. You would change +JeffreyPowers to your unique ID.
  4. Once that happens, your selfie will show up in search!

These are only suggestions on getting more leads. You would be surprised how someone will be attracted to your face when its smiling back at them!

Use a Selfie to your Podcast's Advantage

Use a Selfie to your Podcast’s Advantage

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