Sonomax eers Custom Fitted Earplug Molds at Great Prices

About a year and a half ago at CES, I ran into this company. At first, I thought it was another headphone company, but upon closer inspection, these in ear headphones included custom fitted earplugs within minutes. How can they make custom molds in a 10 minute sitting?

The name of the company is called Sonomax. They are comprised of musicians and warehouse workers who needed custom molding earphones to isolate certain sounds while enhancing others. Years ago, if you wanted custom mold earphones, you would have to go to a special ear doctor that would make the molds. That process would cost $2,000 or more.

Get Sonomax EERS PCS-150 at Amazon for $199


Sonomax eers – custom mold earbuds that isolate and enhance.

The Sonomax system head phones are 1/10th that price. With no appointment, and no assistance needed.

The pack comes with all the parts to do it yourself. You basically set the eers up, put them in your ears, pull the tabs and let the molds set in. Within 10 minutes, your in ear earbuds will be ready to go.

When you put the ear buds in, it seals your ears. Therefore, you can let the sound come in, and it will not bleed out to the microphone, causing unwanted echo or feedback.

The headphones are designed to have the wires wrap around the ears. When you have the wires run through your back, this design keeps the headphone cords from dangling on your ears. That will bring less attention to your ears, and more to your podcasting (especially video podcasting).

Sonomax Eers start at $199, and even come with iPhone compatible ear phones.

Getting Sonomax eers

Getting Sonomax eers custom molds installed



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