Sony Bloggie Camcorder Perfect For Quick Video Stream over WiFi

With companies like Flip and Kodak out of the picture (no pun intended), it’s getting more difficult to find a sub-$200 video camera for the podcaster to take last minute shots. Sure, you can use your phone, but what if someone tries to call when you are getting your picture recorded of you and the President of the United States? Pretty much ruined at that point.

Sony is still making personal cameras. The Sony Bloggie Live can not only do that, but connect it up to a wifi source and you can live stream via Qik. Within the hour, all your Facebook friends will know who you are hanging with.

The Bloggie Live takes still photos as well. With an 8 GB internal memory, you can get a lot of great shots and video. I wish there was at least 16 GB on the camera – I did go through the storage quick.

The streaming on the Bloggie Live is only at 480 by 240 pixels. It can make you a decent photo journalist in the field. If you get that can’t miss video that goes viral, it’s all worth the money.

It’s got a pretty responsive touchscreen, which you can change all your settings. Turn off the flash, set white balance or ISO.

Great for the family shots, too! The camera has a internal lithium battery, which charges through USB. When you need to take the pictures off, you can also connect via USB, or send through wireless.


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