The State of #Podcast Hashtag Social Media

With all this talk of Twitter bombing, and how we really use the term “Podcast” in our social media, I was curious how the hashtags in our profession are getting used. I wanted to know if I use #Podcast, will my post be seen more or less in today’s social universe.  Further, I wanted to know if there was a way to spot those who might be abusing the term.

The Use of Podcast Hashtags

30 Day Hashtag Result

30 Day Hashtag Result

I utilized a free trial of Talkwalker to get an understanding of how hashtags are used. I monitored 30 days of the four important hashtags – #Podcast, #Podcasts, #Podcaster, and #Podcasting. Here is what I found.

#Podcast was used 483,000 times in the last 30 days, with an engagement rate of 1/4th (117,000). Compared to #Podcasting was at 18,000 (with a 3,600 engagement) and #Podcaster at 1,779 (342 engagement). Finally, #Podcasts registers at 13,800.

In total, #podcast reached almost 15 billion people in the last 30 days. All four tags didn’t bring the number up much more. So if you want to reach an audience, it seems that #Podcast is the tag.

Only problem is, you are competing with many others. I did a visual on just to get an idea of who is rocking the tag. I have 2 different Twitter accounts that utilize the term and I couldn’t even find them on the visualization.

Further, 99% of all hashtags are on Twitter. While that is no surprise, this can mean your hashtag could be more visible on Facebook if you cross-post.

Positive vs. Negative Reaction for Hashtags

So with almost half a million instances out there in the last 30 days, #podcast is a neutral hashtag, meaning the engagement vs. reach puts it in the middle of being read or clicked on. Actually, out of the three tags, #Podcaster has the negative score with almost a 1/6th engagement, whereas #Podcasting seems to be the positive term with a reach of 907 million and engagement of 42 thousand.

So does this mean you will be more accepted as a #podcaster over a #podcast?

The Influencers of #Podcast

This is the most interesting. The number 1 influencer is @itpcastrank – or the Top 10 Podcast. They watch the top ten iTunes store podcasts and post on the results. @itpcastrank has posted 22,000 times in the last 30 days with a reach of 9.4 million. Over 9 times more than the #2 profile (@MarketForYouNow).

Yet Top 10 Podcast’s engagement is only 140. They have a positive score of 866 and a negative score of 1,119.

We have to move to the number 9 spot to see a very positive reaction – LeGrande Green (@GetBOLDToday) Posted 4,471 Tweets with #podcast in it, gets a reach of 119 million and an engagement of 3,649. That is a lot of posts for such little return.

Podcast Influencers

Podcast Influencers

Adjoining Hashtags

So what are people putting with their #Podcast in Twitter? It seems that #Entrepreneur is the big adjoining hashtag to have in your post. #Business comes in 3rd, and #tips, #investing, #Success, and #inspiration seem to be fighting for the other spots.

Adjoining Hashtags

Adjoining Hashtags

How Many Tags?

Multiple website sources suggest anything more than 3 hashtags is bad practice (unless you are using Instagram, then the sky’s the limit). Of course, with Twitter you only have 140 characters, so adding a link and at least 60 characters of the subject are needed before tags can be put in.

Who Sees Them?

The Gender of #Podcast

The Gender of #Podcast

Hate to say it, but #Podcast is a male-dominated tag. 76% on Twitter and 96% on Facebook. So if you want to get more females involved, your second hashtag will have to be something female-dominated.

And yay! for the United States as 77% of Twitter and 89% of Facebook dominates the conversation. However, Spanish speaking households are growing…

 What is the Best Crafted Tweet and Hashtag?

I have always found the best way to get engagement is to Tweet not with the hashtag, but with someone in mind. After all – one tweet is fine, but a re-tweet can double your coverage.

So if I was in a podcast with Ray Ortega, I would craft the post this way:

Great Conversation with @PodcastHelper on #Podcasting – #Podcast #geekout {URL} {featured image URL}

#geekout is a personal tag and makes up the 3 hashtags. Since I wanted to promote how to podcast, I used #Podcasting and since this (imaginary post) was a podcast, I used #podcast. Finally, I put a featured image to drive engagement (a proven tactic).

What We’ve Learned

This half-a-million #Podcast usage wasn’t like this three months ago. In fact, it only grew since the positive articles on “Podcasting is alive and well” started to surface again. The numbers will only continue to rise. What we need to do is find a way to make the tweets matter for a more positive result.

There is real meaning between the four terms. #Podcast can give you the most engagement, but #Podcasting is a more positive term. Moreover, I would guest podcasters would engage #Podcaster over #Podcast for information on their craft.

State of Hashtag #Podcast Social Media

State of Hashtag #Podcast Social Media

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