Submitting your Podcast to Podcast Directory

So you have created your podcast, and are ready to tell the world about it. Now what? Now it’s time to submit that podcast to a directory. This is a website that takes your feed, then re-aggregates it for you to their audience so your show gets discovered.


Submitting to Podcast Directories gets your show out there.

When you go on the front page of a directory, it highlights podcasts you can watch or listen to. It might even tell you what is new. You can then listen from there, or download to your mp3 player.

There are many podcast directories that you can submit your show to. Just take a look at the list below. This is all the directories that I know of. New ones pop up every now and then. Of course, some directories have also gone.

The best part about submitting to all of these sites is simply SEO backlinking. With your links on their site, the backlinks can help with your show getting searchable.

Start filling out all these sites info. In some cases, you may need to create an account first.

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  • Jeffrey, thank you for doing this list. I went through and submitted my podcast to just about every one of those links. A few were not really relevant, but it was a huge help in spreading the word. Great job sir, I will mention this on the next show we record, show 153 and be sure to give kudos to you. Good man.