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Creating a Podcast Intro that People will Remember

If the first 2 seconds of a song is what makes you decide to switch channels, then the first 30 seconds of a podcast may be all your audience hears. You have to keep them around much longer than that. So how do you do it – what’s the magic behind an intro? Structure Your Podcast Intro Creating a catchy opening is important to keeping people around. If you don’t put your best foot forward in the first 30 seconds, then why would people want to stick around? Of course, it’s more than just a catchy intro, but that is...

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How Long Should Your Podcast Be?

This seems to be an age-old question. Some shows are short and sweet, others tend to take up hours. So what is the right answer? Last year I talked with John Chambers of the “One Minute Tip” podcast. He talked about how simple and how complex even a show that lasts only sixty seconds can be. After all, you don’t want to go over the 60 second mark, so you have to be concise with your words or else you might not get the message across. Too many words and you’re rushing to fit them all in. Too few a...


Add Your Podcast to Stitcher Internet Radio

They say once you have a podcast set up, you submit the RSS feed to iTunes. That is well and good, but if you don’t also submit it to Stitcher Internet Radio, you are losing out on a big audience. Stitcher Internet Radio is a way to not only listen to podcasts on your mobile device, but also listen to live radio. Stitcher is designed for mobile phones – iOS, Android, Blackberry and WebOS. Special Offer: Download Stitcher and Win $100 Gift Card – New contest every month! How To Add your Podcast to Stitcher Internet Radio Go to www.Stitcher.com On the...