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Record Podcasts with Multiple USB Microphones 6

Use Multiple USB Microphones to Record [How to]

When I consult podcasters that want to use 2 or mor microphones for podcasting, I recommend a mixer like the Alesis MultiMix 8. Sometimes the podcaster doesn’t want to deal with anything more than what a USB mic has to offer. So they ask if you can connect more than one USB mic to your computer to record. The answer is you can  with a little bit of work at the beginning How USB Microphones Work Normally by plugging in a USB microphone you are turning that sound device into the primary. The secondary or tertiary sound source is not...

Increase Podcast Bitrate 5

Day 3: Podcast Bitrate – Should You Increase [How To]

This is part of the 31 Days to Better Podcasting series by How to Record Podcasts. Find out more and get on the list I remember back in 2005 it was tough to put out a podcast. Not only did you still have people on dial-up modems and couldn’t download 20 MB files, but we also paid a lot of money for hosting. Add to that the bandwidth limits – 10,000 downloads of 20 MB files added up. Today, downloading is different. Hosting plans and bandwidth are cheaper. People have 3G and 4G phones, with cable modems. Speeds are to the...