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10 Sure Fire Tips to Excite Your Hometown Podcast 1

10 Sure Fire Tips to Excite Your Hometown Podcast

Some of us podcast on a national or International level. But what if you want to keep your show local? What if your podcast is based on local celebrities, eats, and more. I believe this actually is easier to promote than something on a national level. In the United States alone, you have 320 million people to try and give your voice to. An average city is less than 1% of that and a lot easier to promote simply because you are on-premises. Even if you live in a large metroplex such as New York or Los Angeles, by dividing and...


The 30 Second Promo – Video Recording Tools [Roundtable]

I join Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central on the 14th episode of the TPN roundtable. Todd started to talk about his capture rig – Starting with the GotoMeeting internal recorder. You can go in and set up a recording to record in the GotoMeeting format or Windows Media format. Geffen Toolbox Todd uses the Geffen Toolbox – a HDMI to ATEM device to do screen capture. You can downscale or upscale to the recorder. The toolbox takes care of the input to screen capture. New Blubrry Tools Todd also shows off the new Blubrry stats system. It’s available for...