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Podcasting During the Holidays 0

Should You Record your Podcast During the Holidays?

It’s a big question that comes around every time this year. You have a lot to do and little time to do it. Grandma’s house is not that close. Kids need Star Wars toys. Skipping a podcast or two sounds really inviting. After all – who’s gonna miss it? Everybody. With a little bit of planning, your show can continue on a regular basis while you sip Egg Nog with the fam, stuffing yourself with food, and even passing off that White Elephant gift. I’m Plowing through the holidays! No breaks because im crazy! Chris Holifield– I am Salt Lake...

Swearing: What Your Podcast Audience will Tollerate 2

Day 14: Swearing – What Your Podcast Audience will Tollerate

A couple weeks ago I had a fellow podcaster say they did an interview in which the interviewee said “Sh*t”. It was only once and in passing. He asked if he should bleep out the profanity. His podcast was geared toward adults so I didn’t see any reason to bleep it out. Ultimately, the podcaster did bleep out the word. I come across this on my own show, too. Just recently I went to SXSW to get interviews and had 2 that contained profanity. One was a cuss-fest back and forth so I am most likely to leave as-is with...