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Seven Awesome Ways to Help Improve Your Podcast Abilities

For some, podcasting comes from a script you wrote earlier in the day. For other podcasters, what rolls off the tounge is whats recorded – every um and ah. But as all tasks, you can always learn to get better at it. I personally never expected to be writing articles for a living. Now I put out at least 1,000 words on a daily basis. I am challenging myself daily and creating new breakthroughs. So here are some skill builders you can use to improve the way you podcast: 1. Read a Short Story in the Microphone Reading from a...

Improv Before Podcast 0

Day 16: Podcast Improv Games

When I was in High School drama club working on the semester’s play, we would warm up by doing improvisation exercises. They helped us loosen up our mouths, minds and even bodies. We would also play incognito games – little games you continued to play as you went. Just like in Carol Burnett Show – every time she pulled her ear she was saying hi to her mom. Playing games before and during a podcast can keep you on guard. It prepares you for your next move and it keeps you moving as you podcast. You can have a lot of fun before a...