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Tube Buddy Tutorials: Help Automate and Improve Your YouTube Experience

I am very happy with YouTube. It’s a great service that not only hosts my videos, but pays me monthly for them! Further, if you really work the channels, you can easily get people to come back and consume more. I spend 5-10 hours a month simply communicating and it always pays off. I find there are a few places where YouTube feels a little bit antiquated. One area is Annotations and Cards – I really wanted a way to copy the basic cards and annotations across the 1,100 videos I’ve already created. That is how I started my search...

Portable Sound Proof Box for Podcasting 2

How to Make a Portable Sound Proof Vocal Box for Mobile Podcast

I am seeing a lot of podcasters with mobile rigs lately. This is great – you have to get our your podcast but your environment changes. Maybe you podcast from your dining room table or you take this rig to a hotel with you because your podcast is time-sensitive (TV show podcast, major event, etc). One problem you run into is external noise – Maybe the walls in the hotel are thin or you are two doors away from the elevator, even the air conditioning is pretty loud. Heck, maybe the laptop fan is too loud, which is harder to get...