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Segment Your Podcast to Streamline

You might have a couple thousand people checking out your podcast, but if they only stick around for a minute or two, they might not become long time listeners. Sometimes that is just organization – talking too long about one topic. To fix that, try segmenting your show. Set it up like a news cast would – news segment, weather, sports, and special interest or world news. Create a segment and gague how many people stick around for it. Give the segment a title, and maybe even some music to it. For example: let’s look at this next segment:(Cute Kittens)...

Best Ways to Invent and Plan Powerful Podcast Topics 0

Best Ways to Invent and Plan Powerful Podcast Topics

All podcasters do it. Try to come up with the next best idea for the show. Some procrastinate until show time and hope the lightining bolt will strike. But what if you pre-planned the podcast without even knowing it? Dwight D. Eisenhower once said “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Every show you see on TV starts with a morning (or weekly) planning meeting. Weeding the bad ideas from the good. Bouncing ideas to make sure nothing is done or said wrong. So how do you as a podcaster go about doing that? Put Topic Ideas in a Book On...

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Resolve to Podcast in 2016 and How to Do it!

It’s 2016. Podcasting is in it’s prime. People are cutting their cable cords and looking for alternate content to view. Shows like Serial show us podcasting can be a powerful thing. So it’s time for you to pull the trigger on getting your show out. But how do you do it? Just like anything, there is saying you will do something and actually doing it. Not only do you have to make the podcast, you have to do some research on how its done so you can get to making the podcast. Well, fear not! Let’s go over what you...