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Best Ways to Invent and Plan Powerful Podcast Topics 0

Best Ways to Invent and Plan Powerful Podcast Topics

All podcasters do it. Try to come up with the next best idea for the show. Some procrastinate until show time and hope the lightining bolt will strike. But what if you pre-planned the podcast without even knowing it? Dwight D. Eisenhower once said “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Every show you see on TV starts with a morning (or weekly) planning meeting. Weeding the bad ideas from the good. Bouncing ideas to make sure nothing is done or said wrong. So how do you as a podcaster go about doing that? Put Topic Ideas in a Book On...

Podcasting Coaches, Podcast Influencers your should be following 0

Podcast Coaches, Podcasting Influencers You Should Follow

So you’ve been podcasting a while and feel lost with your show. You need help. You are not sure where to go. What do you do? There are a host of podcasters that will give you advise on a quick-lesson or consultation basis. They can do anything from help you with a small problem to set up your whole podcast rig! Finding the right person to help you start or work on your podcast is imperative. Sometimes you need help with a technical issue. Other times you just need inspiration. These people will bring just that. Some are Podcast Coaches....