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Creating a Soundboard for Your Podcast

If you were a DJ in the 80’s you had to deal with this system of 8-track looking cassettes in a carousel. Someone would record a soundbyte on the cassette and put it in the rack. When it was time, you pulled the cassette out and prepped it for use. Whether an intro, news soundbyte, special effect, or other sound, everything would revolve around that carousel. Things have changed from that time. Now, you can get a soundboard together via iPad or computer. Collecting sounds can be done though use of a digital recorder, or going through a website to...

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What Type of Computer Should I Podcast With?

That is a good question. We talk all the time about microphones and mixers, software and sound effects. But how much do we talk about the computer you are using to make your podcast? Not that much. So let’s tackle that issue. What is the Lowest End Computer you can use for a Podcast? For this question, we are talking about an audio podcast. If you want to try and do video on an old machine, then good luck. You’ll have way too many problems. As for the audio, recording is very low-key. I could probably pick up an old...

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Using a Portable Digital Recorder for Mobile Podcasting

One way to record while in the field is by using a Portable Digital Recorder. This is a digital recorder, unlike the tape players of old. The device is pretty small and can record a one-on-one conversation, or a room for a presentation. The portable digital recorder has advanced to the point it can have XLR mics attached, can be attached to certain video cameras to enhance the audio, or run just from the unit itself. Some have a db filter – which means it will try to compress the outer noise to try and catch the speaker’s voice. There...