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Sonomax eers Custom Fitted Earplug Molds at Great Prices

About a year and a half ago at CES, I ran into this company. At first, I thought it was another headphone company, but upon closer inspection, these in ear headphones included custom fitted earplugs within minutes. How can they make custom molds in a 10 minute sitting? The name of the company is called Sonomax. They are comprised of musicians and warehouse workers who needed custom molding earphones to isolate certain sounds while enhancing others. Years ago, if you wanted custom mold earphones, you would have to go to a special ear doctor that would make the molds. That...


8 Great Topic Ideas to Podcast On

Making a podcast is fun, but putting together topics can be a pain. What can you talk about, and worse yet – What topics will bring listeners to your show? You want to have topics that will keep people interersted in your show. After all, we all cannot get President Obama or Justin Bieber on our shows to talk about what’s going on. So here are some great topics you can podcast on Top 5/ Top 10 lists. I used to do a podcasts called “5 Tech Things You Should Know”. The title alone brought traffic to the site. The...