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How Winamp’s Demise Hurts Podcasters

Update: There is a rumor that Microsoft may be bidding to acquire Nullsoft, Winamp and Shoutcast.  For most of us early podcasters, we either knew about or applied Winamp for our shows. The Shoutcast service allowed us to put together a playlist and send it out via our Internet connections. However, AOL has decided to shutter Nullsoft and the once popular Winamp service. So what do podcasters do now? What (was) Winamp? Winamp started in 1997 as an alternative player to the horrible media players that Windows and Mac put out. It would play audio files the others wouldn’t. You could...


Podcast Microphone Smackdown: Audio Technica ATR2100 vs. ATR2500

Over on Geekazine, I brought in a comparison of the ATR2100 and ATR2500 microphones from Audio-Technica. These are sub-$100 microphones you can use on your podcast. They both connect to a PC or iPad for use with Bossjock, Garageband or another podcasting app. The full video review is below. Which microphone do you use? Will you switch? Let me know! Get the Audio-Technica ATR2100 at B&H Get the Audio-Technica ATR2500 at B&H Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal

Prepare your Computer for Podcast 0

Checklist: Prepare Your Computer for Podcasting or Being a Guest on a Podcast

Got an email from a user saying they had a problem with their show when they streamed it. Everything would start fine but then the stream would freeze and their shows were ruined. I have actually had that happen to me several times over the years. Especially if you use one computer for everything (which most people do). There are many different ways to make sure your show doesn’t stall when recording or streaming. I put together a checklist you should run to prepare for your best (audio or video) foot forward. Even if you are a guest on a...

5 Tips to Make Your Podcast Better, Fresher, Newer 2

5 Tips to Make Your Podcast Better, Fresher, Newer

So you’ve been podcasting for a few years now. You like your show but there has been something nagging in the back of your head saying things are getting a little stale. Your numbers have been stagnant for a while now and you want to push the audience a little more. But what do you do? Well fear not! Today we’ll look at 5 things you can do to breathe some new life into that old podcast. It might just bring more listeners / viewers and make you excited about podcasting again. 1. Change the Name of the Podcast –...

101 Bleeps - Royalty free Sounds to Bleep Out Swear Words

101 Bleeps – Royalty Free Sounds

I have just finished my first album called 101 bleeps – Royalty Free Sounds to bleep out swear words. This is an album that gives you audio bleeps to put into your podcast, video or other works. All bleeps are recorded and mixed in 192 kbps .mp3 files so they are ready for any production. These include standard bleeps and more interesting bleeps to bring a smile to people’s faces. Also included are similar bleeps – words that are similar to the removed word to keep the flow of an audio or video file. How Bleeping Can Help Your Show...

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Niche Podcasting – Dealing with Competition [Roundtable]

Ray Ortega hosted another Podcaster Roundtable last night talking about niche podcasting. More to the point – how do you deal with other podcasters in your niche. Do you share with others podcasters in your niche? Do you invite those people on as guests? Ray Ortega has a list of fellow podcasters including Daniel J Lewis, Corey Fineran, Nick Seuberling and David Jackson. The full roundtable is here:   From the Podcasters Community: Do you listen to your competition?   Don BurnsideYesterday 10:15 AM I listen for both. Always nice to see what the competition is doing, what kind of...


Podchat #3: Lou Mongello of WDW Radio

Transcript of Episode 3 with Lou Mongello of WDW Radio. We talk about podcasting full time, recording software, travel, legal issues, competition and more. Thanks to everyone that participated. Don’t forget to check out Lou’s book –    RecordAPodcast That’s the hour. [email protected] You can still chat if lou is available. #podchat -8:01 PM Dec 4th, 2012    [email protected] of Disney are there any other places you like to travel too? #podchat -8:01 PM Dec 4th, 2012    [email protected]! Would be great to see you while I’m in town #podchat -8:01 PM Dec 4th, 2012    podcastsquared #podchat although creativity is a plus… -8:01 PM Dec 4th, 2012    podcastsquared #podchat I’ve...


Podchat #2: Jamie Davis of ProMed Network [Transcript]

Transcript of Episode 2 with Jamie Davis – @Podmedic. He produces several medical shows and also goes to confrences like EMS expo to live stream and get content. We talk about podcasting to this niche.   RecordAPodcast In two weeks we have a real special guest joining us. She started a podcast channel. More info to come next week! #podchat-8:04 PM Nov 27th, 2012    RecordAPodcast Thanks [email protected]#CES13 live stream for sponsoring. See everyone next week [email protected] us#podchat -8:03 PM Nov 27th, 2012    [email protected]: Thanks [email protected] chatting with us tonight. Remember to follow our guests on #Twitter. #podchat-8:03 PM Nov 27th, 2012    RecordAPodcast Feel free to...

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Remove an Old Podcast from iTunes Store [How-To]

A couple weeks ago I wrote an article on how to Submit your podcast to iTunes. Because of that I was asked the question:   I just migrated from Squarespace – 5 to 6 for my blog that hosts my podcast feeds. In so doing, even though the blog podcast has the same url, I had to resubmit them to iTunes in order to have them work – and they have been approved. The catch is that my old invalid feeds are still listed in iTunes as well. Any idea how to remove those invalid feeds from iTunes directory? – Rob Schertzer,...


Add Your Own Thumbnail to YouTube Videos [How-To]

For the longest time YouTube only allowed partners to create a special thumbnail for their videos. It really gave a unfair advantage to others trying to build their videos on the YouTube platform. Now that its changing we can all partake in creating eye-catching images for YouTube and for our websites – especially if you host outside of Youtube as well. You may not have this ability just yet as they are slowly rolling out the process. When you do get it, you will see a “Choose Thumbnail” option pop up in your edit screen. I have two hosts –...