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Podcasting has Evolved. Have you? 0

Podcasting has Evolved. Have You?

To think how far podcast technology has come in the past ten to fifteen years is mind-blowing. Not long ago, everything was low-quality and people were stuck at home with either headset mics or incredibly expensive setups making podcasts only available via a handful of platforms. This is no longer true. Podcasting has taken its place in society as consume-as-you-please radio that offers all sorts of commentary on a wide variety of topics, and is produced by everyone from radio professionals, to academics, to friends who want to talk shop and enjoy themselves – and all of these groups have...

iPad or iPad mini for recording podcasts? 0

Should I Buy the iPad or iPad Mini for Podcasting?

Since the release of the iPad Mini, choosing between Apple tablets has become more difficult. Latest sales figures shows the iPad Mini is selling well – even better than some industry insiders expected. If you are buying an iPad for your podcast or video podcast efforts, which one should you choose – The iPad or iPad mini? iPad 4 Pros – 4K Resolution, Twice the Processor For amazingly sharp images and text, the newest generation of iPad is hard to beat. The 9.7-inch Retina Display is perfect for browsing the web, viewing photos and watching movies. The 2048×1536 resolution is sharper...

Padcaster Studio 1

Padcaster Studio Rig: Turn iPad into Mobile Studio

It’s so awesome that we can turn something like an iPad into a full recording studio. I remember a few years ago at CES we found out how the OWLE turned an iPhone into a camera. Now Padcaster is doing the same thing with your iPad on the Padcaster rig. Sponsored by:Free Trial of GotoMyPC for 30 Days! About the PadCaster The PadCaster is an outer shell that your iPad fits into. The Padcaster is a lightweight aluminum frame with threaded holes to put lights, microphones and other items needed for recording a show. Use the Lenscaster to attach different lenses...

Rebates – Microphones 0

Rebates – Microphones

Looking for some deals in the Podcasting microphones? That is what this page is all about. Check out all the cool special deals from B&H! Your browser does not support iFrame. Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal


Shure Lavaliere 183 with RPM 626 XLR In-Line Preamp

Sometimes I do one-on-one interviews with people. While holding a microphone does work, I like to make the experience hands-free. That is why I have 2 lavaliere microphones in my podcast rig. The Shure 183 and 185 with in-line preamp. Shure 183 This lavaliere mic is great for getting the voice without having to stick the mic up by the mouth. The 183 is used on Shure’s wireless microphone pack but I got a deal on just the microphones (which I couldn’t pass up). The microphone has a TA4F connector because it needs to be pre-amped before it can be sent to...

Samson Meteor Mic 0

How to Record Podcasts on Your iPad

When we started this crazy podcast thing, we had bulky microphones, big computers and clunky software. Times have changed. Now, we have iPads and all the means to record a podcast with it. My iPad Podcast – Hotel Walkthrough Whenever I go on a trip, I do a hotel walkthrough. Before it was a lot of work. Now, I can pick up my iPad and walk around a hotel taking video and mixing it down to upload. I purchased iMovie for iOS which allows me to create video, mix together and even put music behind. I can do a hotel walk-through in...

audio clipping 0

Audio Clipping: What is It? How to Prevent Clipping in Podcast

If you’ve ever recorded something, and pushed the volume on the recording, you might have heard the clip of the microphone. If it’s bad enough, you might end up re-recording your whole show. Sometimes, you don’t have that opportunity. So let’s work on not clipping the microphone. What is Audio Clipping? Basically, the way a microphone works is by having a moving piece in the microphone. When you speak, that piece vibrates and turns sound into an electric signal. If you speak too loud, the core of the microphone is pushed all the way so it cannot vibrate. Therefore, it...

Electro-Voice Blue Raven Microphone 0

Electro-Voice Raven, Cardinal Microphones for Your Cool Podcast Look

Looking for a new microphone? Not only does this microphone work well, it also looks good on camera. The Electro-Voice Raven Microphone is a collaboration with EV and Blue to come up with a great looking microphone that also can capture voice and instrument without issue. Electro-Voice Raven The EV Raven is a Dynamic mic, using a cardioid pattern. Off-axis rejection means anything behind the microphone won’t be picked up by the mic. If you want a more crisp vocal, the EV Raven is a great microphone to use. It also boosts the mid-tones to really give you a nice...

Computer-Podcast 0

What Type of Computer Should I Podcast With?

That is a good question. We talk all the time about microphones and mixers, software and sound effects. But how much do we talk about the computer you are using to make your podcast? Not that much. So let’s tackle that issue. What is the Lowest End Computer you can use for a Podcast? For this question, we are talking about an audio podcast. If you want to try and do video on an old machine, then good luck. You’ll have way too many problems. As for the audio, recording is very low-key. I could probably pick up an old...

MXL770 0

MXL 770 with Shock Mount Brings Cheap Solution to Podcasts

Looking to increase your audio podcast? You bought a mixer, you bought a compressor. Now it’s time for the microphone. That radio shack special is not cutting it anymore. That is where the MXL line of microphones comes in. MXL 770 is a great Cardioid microphone that you can use to record podcasts and get a great sound out of it. Cardioid microphones are great for speech, and have a uni-directional pattern. This means if you were on the back side of the microphone, your voice would not pick up as well. Think of an apple being put in front...