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Deezer Acquires Stitcher: What This Means for Music and Podcast Streaming

Just like with Spotify, Deezer is a music service from the UK that wants to jump to the US in the best way possible. Today, Deezer announced they will be purchasing online podcast streaming service Stitcher for an undisclosed sum. We look to what will this will mean to music and podcast listeners alike. About Deezer Deezer is a music publishing company that has been around since 2007. Originally called and “BlogMusik”, Daniel Marhely re-launched the brand after legal issues. The name “Deezer” was conceived because it was easy to type on an AZERTY keyboard. The end result – Deezer has...


What You Need to Know About iTunes 2048 x 2048 Podcast Cover Artwork Change

A few weeks ago, undocumented sources came out stating iTunes is changing their sizes for the cover art to your iTunes account. Last week I received confirmation of this change from [email protected] with all the details you need to know. The New iTunes Artwork Guidelines Official email from [email protected] Hello, Cover art must be in the JPEG or PNG file formats and in the RGB color space with a minimum size of 1400 x 1400 pixels and a maximum size of 2048 x 2048 pixels. Note that these requirements are different from the standard RSS image tag specification. Please update...


Pros and Cons: Running Contests to Gain Podcast Audience

The age old question: How do I get more subscribers. One of the subsequent questions: Should I run a contest? Contests are great promotional tools if you promote them right. Contests can bring in new faces but also people just trying to get a free thing. So lets go over contests in podcasting. Does it work? My First Contests I Ran – Summer of Podcasts The first contest I ever ran on Geekazine was for the choice of an iPod mini or Zune back in 2008. I sprang for that purchase and got some great response to the contest. When...

Can Your Podcast have an Erratic Schedule? Heck Yes! 1

Can A Podcast Have an Erratic Schedule? HECK YEAH!

If you read any podcast book out there, one thing they’ve told you time and time again is to keep to a schedule. Even YouTube suggests episodic material should be on a scheduled release. But I am here to say that is not necessary. You might be able to have an unscheduled podcast and still have the audience. To do this, I am going to help you condition your audience to expect the podcast that doesn’t happen on a regular interval. Keep in mind you still have to do a show at least once every 14-21 days. Not all Shows Can Follow...

Five Podcast Tips You Ever Need 0

These Five Tips to Podcast Are All You Need

Want to become a successful podcaster? ME TOO! The reality is: success is what you make it. There are no magic steps. There are definitely plans to podcasting – from building a decent system, to publishing with artwork, an interactive webpage, and more. The more important thing – even though podcasting is over 10 years old, the podcast medium is ever-expanding. In fact, I asked a group what they thought we would see in podcasts in the next 5-10 years. Would holographic podcasts come into play? Will we switch formats – MP3 or MP4 to some new codec that puts...


How the MP3 Helped Create Podcasting: 20 Years of MP3

It was twenty years ago today – We could encode a song to play. It has never gone out of style, and we hope it will be around a while.So may I introduce to you – the codec you’ve used all these years… Back on July 7, 1994, the Fraunhofer Society released the first software encoder called I3enc. The encoder would take a song and compress it for Internet usage. Using the .bit extension, you could turn a  It was changed to .mp3 on July 14th, 1995. How Suzanne Vega Became the “Mother of MP3” The algorithm for MP3 was...

11 Things Only Podcasters Understand 0

11 Things Only Podcasters Will Understand

1. Finally getting everyone to show up on time 2. Trying to track down that one cable that doesn’t work 3. Getting done with an Interview and having the computer crash on you This one came with inspiration: Post by Scott Monty. Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal


Blue Microphones Nessie USB Microphone Review

I spent one week podcasting from the Blue Microphones Nessie USB microphone to get a true feel of how this microphone can work in a podcaster’s or videocaster’s rig. Of course I have always been a big fan of Blue Microphones – USB and XLR versions. So I wasn’t expecting the Nessie to let me down. And it didn’t. Blue Microphones Nessie Out of the Box This microphone is truely a plug and play device. I took it right out of the box, grabbed the USB cable, plugged it into the computer, and started recording. The best part – a...


New Google+ Community: Podcast (Radio, TV) Needing Guests

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for being part of the Podcasters Community on Google+. We are about to reach 4,000 members and the content is amazing. This morning I decided to add a second community to Google+. The Podcast (Radio, TV) Needing Guests is a community for those looking to find guest hosts on upcoming shows. From Hangouts to Skype and other shows – Any podcast, TV, or radio show can post looking for guests . This community hopefully will bring a lot of people together to talk about the subjects they are passionate about. To...