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Use a Selfie to your Podcast's Advantage 0

How To Use the Selfie to Your Podcast’s Advantage

The Sinatra song goes: When you’re smiling, when you’re smiling. Then the whole world smiles at you… Selfies are big business because you can capture the moment by pointing a camera at yourself. Watching social media I see a lot of people are doing the “Ellen Show selfie” hoping to break a record on Twitter. Unless they have Bradley Cooper taking the picture, Samsung hosting the photo, or Jennifer Lawrence, Julia Roberts, Brad Pitt, Kevin Spacey, or other major stars in it during a prime time event, you’ll most likely not hit that number. You WILL get noticed, though. A...

Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways it Can 1

Can an Audio Podcast Go Viral? 5 Ways It Can!

A couple months ago, Stan Alcorn posed the issue that while videos, websites and photos can do it, podcasts might not have the ability to go viral. But that is really not true. While its not as visible as Kimmel’s Twerk hoax, or lovable as a Kitten photo, an audio podcast has not only gone viral before, I believe it can happen again. Therefore, I propose 5 ways to help an audio podcast go viral.  It may not be as simple as recording a show and posting on iTunes, but if you do it right, anything can happen. The Audio...

Category and Taxonomy Podcasting - Does it bring more subscribers? 0

Category and Taxonomy Podcasting – Does it Bring More Subscribers?

Some podcasters create multiple RSS feeds for their shows. Mostly feeds that give you different media versions – HD video, SD video, HD audio, low quality audio, etc. Some podcasters only have one media form, so they look for new ways to catalog their podcasts in iTunes. They turn to using Categories and Taxonomy to give people a new way to find the podcasts. But what are Category and Taxonomy podcasting? Is it worth it to put these ideas into your podcast? Category and Taxonomy Podcasting Category podcasting is where your podcast posts by the category you put it under....

Podcast-Resolutions 0

10 Podcast Resolutions You Can Make (and Keep)

It’s a new year! The best part about the new year is that you can forget what happened last year and start anew. You can change up your show to hopefully bring in a new or expanded audience. But in order to do it, you must first make the resolution to do it. But what should you change? Hopefully this article will help out. I order what I believe to be the top 10 changes you can make to inject new life in your podcast. 10. Change the music Intro and outtro music is one of the best ways to...


FilmOn.TV is Selling Your Podcast

Last night I was informed a website – Filmon.tv – is selling your podcast for .99 cents or more. The FilmOn.tv website states you can watch local channels in the US and Canada. However, digging deeper, we found an area that has hundreds of podcasts for sale in HD. The website’s front page has several TV channels — from sports, kids stuff and movies to music in different genres. The social area allows you to do one-on-one video chats or broadcasts. This service is also available on iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices through apps. Who / What is FilmOn? Filmon.tv...


Schedule a Helpout Time With Me for Your Podcast

Last week I was approved for Google Helpouts – a new way to get help with something you don’t normally need advise for. I have two helpouts out there: Podcast Coach Help with Wirecast Google launched Helpouts a couple weeks ago to give experts a way to make some money giving advise. I applied for the Helpout and after talking with an advisor, got approved. This is a great way for you to get a hold of me and ask me anything. It’s technically a great discount from my regular wage. Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals...

Podcast Jokes 0

Podcast Jokes to Make You Laugh

We all have to make ribs to what we do. Musician jokes, doctor jokes, lawyer jokes and others on the internet. But what about podcasters? Lets look at some jokes you can make at your (or a podcaster friends’ ) expense… What did the podcaster say to their audience?  – Is anybody out there? What is the difference between a podcaster and a savings bond? – One will mature Who is a podcaster’s best and only friend? -Mike (mic) If a Podcaster falls in the woods, will someone finally listen to them? How many podcasters does it take to change a lightbulb?...

How to Record Podcasts – Archives 0

How to Record Podcasts – Archives

Looking for one of the great articles on How to Record Podcasts? This archive will help you navigate through and get to that one of a kind article you were looking for! So many podcast tips in here it’ll make your head spin! Want to see an article or have a question? Contact me and I’ll put something together! Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal

Prepare your Computer for Podcast 0

Checklist: Prepare Your Computer for Podcasting or Being a Guest on a Podcast

Got an email from a user saying they had a problem with their show when they streamed it. Everything would start fine but then the stream would freeze and their shows were ruined. I have actually had that happen to me several times over the years. Especially if you use one computer for everything (which most people do). There are many different ways to make sure your show doesn’t stall when recording or streaming. I put together a checklist you should run to prepare for your best (audio or video) foot forward. Even if you are a guest on a...


Run a Question and Answer Google Hangout – Use Cameraman Plugin

On Wednesday, I ran a question and answer show to help people with podcasting. A few people asked how I did that. I further got some email asking how a Q&A session could be achieved. I put together this how to video on using Hangouts to answer questions. I also bring in another plugin for Hangouts called Cameraman – being able to loose the Hangout look. Along with Wirecast as a camera you could put together a show and nobody would know its a hangout. How to Run a Question and Answer Show with Hangouts – Adding the Cameraman Plugin Like...