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Day 8: 7 Website Tips to Make it Podcast Friendly

Its important for a podcaster to make people subscribe or consume the content they create. Whether audio or video you want the focus of the website to be your content. So let’s take a look at some things you can do to tweak your website to focus on the podcast. 1. Is Your Podcast Before or After Your Post? Where is that enclosure for your podcast? Is it on the top of the post or the bottom? Why the bottom? If you want people to read the content first, then put your podcast on the bottom of the post. If...

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Podcast Coach

Want to learn how to podcast? Don’t know where to start? Jeffrey Powers – Podcast Coach Hi. I’m Jeffrey Powers and I want to teach you how to podcast. I have been podcasting since 2005 when I started a local show for a website devoted to local music fans. Since then I have not only created podcasts in tech, I also host podcasts for others, created video podcasts and even created a podcast that posts every single day – 365 days a year. Get Your First Hour Consultation at Half Price Everyone needs a helping hand at one time or...

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Join the Podcasters Community on Google+

Last month Google opened up a new leg to their G+ social network called Communities. With communities you can get people with similar tastes together to talk about work, play or other items. An Awesome Podcasters Community on Google+ I wanted to make sure there was not only a functional Podcasters community but one that people really interacted with. I started the Podcasters Community on G+ because of this. Currently this community is 600 members strong and growing daily. Today Google+ is the fastest-growing network thingy ever. More than 500 million people have upgraded, 235 million are active across Google...

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Niche Podcasting – Dealing with Competition [Roundtable]

Ray Ortega hosted another Podcaster Roundtable last night talking about niche podcasting. More to the point – how do you deal with other podcasters in your niche. Do you share with others podcasters in your niche? Do you invite those people on as guests? Ray Ortega has a list of fellow podcasters including Daniel J Lewis, Corey Fineran, Nick Seuberling and David Jackson. The full roundtable is here:   From the Podcasters Community: Do you listen to your competition?   Don BurnsideYesterday 10:15 AM I listen for both. Always nice to see what the competition is doing, what kind of...

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10 Vocal Exercise Words that Loosen Up Face, Vocal Chords for Podcast

Vocal exercises – you hear about them in acting and how some radio and TV personalities do it before a broadcast. But do you as a podcaster warm up your vocal chords? It’s important to do so – not only to have your mouth and throat loose but also to make you feel more confident in your show. It’s like warming up before a 5k race – you don’t start cold and you feel like you are just slipping into the vocals. 10. AAAAAHHHHH Open your mouth slightly and say “AAAAHHH” for as long as you can. This does two...

Podcaster Form

Podcaster Form

If you are a podcaster, I want to hear from you! Let me know who you are, what your podcast is and give a little wisdom to the new podcasters out there. Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal

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Submit An Article to HTRP

How to Record Podcasts is a great new source for learning the ins and outs of podcasting. Reviews of product, How to’s and more, HTRP is building to be your main resource to create a podcast. How to Record Podcasts is looking for quality writers to enhance this blog. Writers would be building simple content, with feature articles from time-to-time. If you are a podcaster and want to share your knowledge, then How to Record Podcasts is looking for you! Requirements for Writing a Post on HTRP: Minimum number of words – 300 Web links in URL 1, 2, and...

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Using GarageBand to Record a Podcast

In the ever-growing world of podcasting, artists are striving to make a lifestyle easier for themselves. A large portion of the podcast community is focused solely around recording, and recording techniques. One valuable recording technique that is important for every rising podcaster to know is the ability to use amples and loop files within their show. This can save on time in the recording process while also creating an interesting effect within the show. Luckily, technology is helping podcasters more and more to get this desired effect. Computer programs such as GarageBand are easy to use and can create a...