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Day 11: Lighting – Your Podcast (and Eyes) May Need It

A few months ago I was talking with someone who was complaining about being overly-tired after every podcast. They didn’t know why – other tasks didn’t drain them like podcasting did. After a few questions I found out this person podcasted in the dark – only light being from the computer monitors. That is not good for the eyes or the podcast. If you have to focus on a monitor for a couple hours in a darker environment then you can really get tired eyes. I have made many steps to bring in enough light to reduce my eye strain...

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Day 4: Thank Your Podcast Fans [How To]

This is part of the 31 Days to Better Podcasting series by How to Record Podcasts. Find out more and get on the list Sometimes you have to give back to your audience. It’s important to let them know they are special. Just like Gary Vaynerchuck once said: It’s not the number of followers you have or “likes” you get, it’s the strength of the bond with your followers. That was Gary talking about social media but it also pertains to a podcast audience. So in this post, we’re going to talk about how you can thank your fans. Hi, What’s...

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Podcasting for Dummies Brings the Basics of Podcasts to You

Beginning to podcast and want a book on it? Try Podcasting for Dummies. Want a good reference book on how to record a podcast? Try Podcasting for Dummies. As an IT Admin for so many years I know that having good books at your fingertips is important. Sometimes people ask questions or try to do something that you might not know the answer to. Especially when it comes to things like specific scripts or processes that you might do once every couple of years. Same thing with podcasting. Sometimes you need to go to a point to remind yourself how...

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Are Podcasters Going to Get Sued? Personal Audio LLC Attacks Carolla, HowStuffWorks

Editor’s Note: I made a change to the article to point more toward Ace Broadcasting. Keep in mind, NO PODCAST IS GETTING SUED. Only Podcast hosting companies.  Earlier today news spread of the company that sued Apple back in 2011 is at it again. They have issued lawsuits to ACE Broadcasting and HowStuffWorks.com. While they received $8 million from Apple for a patent dispute, can they really go after a podcast? The Lawsuit The company Personal Audio LLC filed an Intellectual Property patent against HowStuffWorks (2:2013cv00015), Togi Entertainment (2:2013cv00013) and Ace Broadcasting Company (2:2013cv00014) – the official company of the...


Zune and Podcasts on Microsoft – Podchat with Rob Greenlee

This week we had Rob Greenlee on the Podchat talking about what happened with Zune and if podcasting is gone on Microsoft. From this chat we learned: Zune.net is closed but you can still download and use the software Podcasts can be found on Windows Phone 8 through the Music section The old Zune links are dead. Podcasters can walk listeners through the prompts Right now there is no plan to do more with podcasts beyond keeping the directory up to date If you would like to add your podcasts, please message Rob on Twitter.   RecordAPodcast Thanks to @robgreenlee to help us...


Podcasting is NOT Dead – Insights into Streaming [Roundtable]

In episode 16 of the roundtable, I am joined by Todd Cochrane to continue our series. This is a special edition of the roundtable because we recorded it during hour 4 of Todd’s 24 hour podcast. Podcasting is NOT Dead In this episode, I start off with an issue that was creeping up during the year. Back in December, NY Times took down their podcasts. In March, they closed all but two of their audio shows. This brought up the question if podcasting was losing it luster. In August Microsoft closed up Zune to merge with Microsoft XBox Music. This...

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How to Record Podcasts Black Friday Deals to Go For

Looking to get that podcaster something for xmas this year? Let me help out! I did some searching and find you some great deals that will help you with your Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Green Tuesday shopping. These are all technology-related items. If you want weird geeky items, check out the Dorkazine Black Friday deals. If you want techie items, check out Geekazine Black Friday Deals. PreSonus AudioBox Studio Set If you are looking for a great starter podcast kit, the PreSonus AudioBox Studio Set is definitely the item to get. PreSonus is a name most sound engineers are...


Podchat #1: Todd Cochrane on the Podcast Website [Transcript]

Transcript of Podchat episode 1. Todd Cochrane of Geek News Central talks about what you should have on your website to help promote your podcast. Podchat is a Twitter chat that happens every Tuesday at 8 pm EST. Use the hashtag #podchat to participate.    RecordAPodcast Thanks @douglaswelch & @PodcastJunky for participating. See you next Tuesday at 8 pm EST! #podchat -8:02 PM Nov 20th, 2012    RecordAPodcast Thanks to @geeknews for this first chat. You can continue to chat afterwards. Next week I’ll have another guest. #podchat -8:00 PM Nov 20th, 2012    GeekNews Before we go, make sure you check out our new stats interface we released it to all users...

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Welcome to the Insiders group

Thanks for being an Insider. This is where you will get some juicy information on podcasting like special deals and how-tos. Each insider membership is for 1 year. You can get it in two ways: $20 / year Link back to How to Record Podcasts and talk about the website on your podcast. Each insider gets a FREE 30 minute consultation with me. Ask what you want and I’ll get you the answers. Thanks again! Jeffrey Powers Like what you read? Support me! Get great deals on Podcast items! Tip Me via PayPal

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Podcast 101: Submitting Your Podcast to iTunes [How to]

If you are brand new to podcasting, you know one thing – your show has to be on iTunes. It’s not difficult, you just have to know how to do it. I’ll show you how. Check Your Feeds First Before you submit your podcast to iTunes, you want to make sure your feed is valid. Otherwise, Apple will reject it. W3c can validate your feed. If your feed is not valid, it will let you know so you can make the proper fixes. Your feed can be valid and still have some issues to it. It’s just a question of...